Two Rivers Jeep Club - Guidelines
(Links to additional guidelines and the Vehicle Inspection Checklist are at the bottom of this page. )

Two Rivers Jeep Club is committed to increasing awareness of off-highway driving skills for those who lead and use our private land trails. As a part of this commitment, we provide training for our 250+ club members. Effective in 2000, all Trail Leaders and club officials are now required to take awareness training. This same training is also available for other members on a voluntary basis for now. Since the inception of training in TRJC in 1999, over 500 people have taken the course.

A number of Two Rivers members have been certified by United Four Wheel Drive Associations to teach the UFWDA Awareness Course. To accommodate various experience levels of our members, three versions of the course are being offered:

  1. Basic Course. This course is the " stock " UFWDA course and is targeted for those who are new to our hobby. Guidelines for TRJC members are also presented.

  2. Intermediate Course. The UFWDA course is still presented but emphasis is placed on advanced techniques such as vehicle recovery and more in-depth discussion of TRJC guidelines for members and Trail Guides/club officials.

  3. Advanced Course . This is a hands-on course involving coordination with First Responders.   Some classroom instruction occurs, but most the of the time is spent on the trail dealing with emergency situations, leadership qualities and advanced vehicle and personnel recovery.

Courses are offered on a periodic basis and schedules are listed in the club newsletter, the Two Rivers Tracker. The courses last between 6 and 7 hours. Vehicle inspections are mandatory and are part of each version of the course.

The UFWDA portion of the course is copyrighted and cannot be presented here. However, the TRJC guidelines are not copyrighted and links to the various guidelines are listed below. The guidelines, while officially approved by the Board, are undergoing constant revisions and updates as the levels of awareness within the club are increased. This is especially true of the vehicle checklist. Also note that some of the guidelines address unique situations since all of our trails are on private land.

No set of lists or guidelines can cover all circumstances. Therefore, these checklists and guidelines are just that - guidelines. They may not apply to all situations and they will evolve over time. However, these guidelines will help build an awareness of how Guides, club officials and members are expected to conduct themselves.

Updates to this package will periodically be made available to all club members.

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Primarily (but not limited to) Trail Guides and club officials:

Created: 01/25/00