Our First Father's Day Run - 2012 - by Karl

Karl's photos are here.

Our first Fathers Day Run with the cub was a blast! A blast of creek water, a blast of high powered squirt gun water, you name it. We even got to find out if Amy's TJ has a waterproof dash. So far, so good.

A bunch of us, around 20 Jeeps or so, ran Black Oak trail. We'd never been on it and Wow, what a beautiful place! The creek running was a ton of fun and the rocky climbs were quite challenging for those of us with less experience than a lot of you have and with our moderately built Jeep. We even had the opportunity to examine the undercarriage of a couple of our trail companions. Roger Myers was so  proud of his new Swampers and lockers that he laid his black TJ Unlimited on its side so we could get a better look. We'll have to take your word on those lockers Rog... Kinda hard to see just by looking at the diffs. Then a JK 4 door full of kids did the same side flop in the exact same spot. No major damage and no injuries, but I still wasn't allowed to try to show them up in the better half's daily driver. Maybe next time.

One thing I noticed all day was how relatively stock Jeeps were really showing their stuff on some of the harder obstacles. That black 4 door was lifted but was still running stock street tires, although they were aired down a little bit. I can't remember the folks names, but obviously the guy knew what he was doing behind the wheel, cause they walked through most of the trail like they had killer trail tires and years of experience.

Of course the thing that set the day apart from most trail runs was the opportunity to act like immature adolescents and soak our fellow Jeepers with squirt guns every chance we had. Maybe this should be part of every run that takes place on really hot days, cause that way when I sweat like a pig and the front of my jeans are soaked everyone won't constantly be under the impression I have bladder control issues. Just a thought. And oh yeah, is it legal to carry a refill bucket in your Jeep with you or were Charlie and Lora CHEATING??? Maybe we better refer to the rule book.

So anyway, thanks so much to our hosts, Durrell and Syndy Miller, for a great day at their beautiful farm. I wish we could have stayed for the evening meal, but living so far away and having to go to work so early the next morning we headed home after the trail ride. And considering the major downpour that took place about 20 minutes after we pulled into the shop at home, it's a good thing we left when we did. Getting a  little damp on the trail is one thing, but driving down a 4 lane in a thunderstorm in a topless, doorless Jeep is another. White tank tops tend to make it a more enjoyable experience, but this being a family site, I'll let it go at that.

Hope to see you all next time!

Created: 29 Jul 2012