2011 - Member Trail Ride by Karl

About 100 photos are here!

The April 2nd trail ride was a blast and quite a learning experience. The most important lesson learned was that Jeeps don't float. But at least rusted out, beat to death 79 CJ 7's do tend to drain water quite quickly. We had 19 Jeeps on Dutch Creek, and I was maybe a third of the way from the front of the pack. After several others made a creek crossing look relatively easy, a stock height TJ Unlimited got hung up trying to climb out of the water. When my turn came, I tried to stay left of where he went, not realizing the depth increased quite a bit. I soon got an education, though, as water rushed over the hood of Ol Blue and filled the interior up to our seats. My wife was privileged to be sitting next to me on her first club run, and at that point I thought it might be her last. We both ended up soaked from the waist down, and let me tell you, Lee Ator is keeps some seriously cold water in his creek. I filed a complaint, but I'm not holding my breath. Well, not unless we get into even deeper water next time. Cold wet pants and chapped butt cheeks notwithstanding, the rest of the day went great. My buddy Mike Finlay found a low hanging log that had him feeling real good about previously removing the roof rack that came on his hard top when he bought his '7. If it was still attached, I'm afraid he'd be getting his mail delivered there. Dave Bell found a nice little stump that just perfectly fit under the front of his XJ, and another tree right behind him refused to let him back up. Thank God for chainsaws, and masterfully skilled operators like our fearless leader, Lee. In no time Dave and Jen were back in motion, pivot turning on every tree they encountered. I started to wonder if maybe Dave didn't get picked on by trees earlier in his life, and was banging into every one he could as revenge. My wife, Amy, and I got to follow a nice new JK 4 door for a good part of the trip, and really enjoyed watching it get all scratched up. The folks in it were from Terre Haute IN, but I neglected to get their names. They were great people and seemed to take all the new pin stripes in stride, saying that's what they bought it for. And what better way to end a great day of trail riding than with a great meal. The VFW folks made sure nobody went away hungry with a full turkey dinner. I almost fell asleep driving home. Till next time....

Created: 21 Feb 2011