2010 - Trail Building
  • This link is Mongo. Phouseung, Matt, and myself (Bob) are in the process of revamping the trail. This year is our first year as Trail Guides for TRJC and we are enojoying the process so far. Although that day the ice and the weather prevailed, we still came back for more!! This link is from the 3-27 Trail Builder and it is on County Line. We had a really productive day helping out Pete, Jeremy, and the guys. Cut some new lines and cleaned up some old ones. County Line is looking really good for any Jeeper this year!!

  • From Bob and Heather: These photos are from the TRJC Member Appreciation Dinner. The trail is Meyer's Mayhem. Dennis has this trail in awesome shape. There are things out there for Jeepers of all walks of life. Whether you are running a hard core rig, or the mildly built Cherokee, Dennis has something for everyone. I hope you all enjoy the pictures. Can't wait until the Safari!!
Created: 01 April 2010