Father's Day Run on Black Oak - 2010 - by Mark

Mark's photos are here.

June 19, 2010 the Two Rivers Jeep Club held it’s annual Father’s Day run with several trails open to run on.  Durrell, Syndy, and Rooster started this event and as usual, they had Black Oak open.   They just don’t open the trail but they plan for the event.  There are squirt guns, water balloons, a free dinner and indoor seating for the ladies.

Chris, Julie, Mike and I decided to run with them on Black Oak because of the fun that we’ve had in the past on the trail.  Black Oak may not be the hardest trail in the club but Durrell, Syndy, and Rooster always try to make it the most fun.  There are hills and some V notches to negotiate and there is a lot of creek to run in.

It had been raining for about a week before the event including a heavy storm about midnight the day of the event.  There was mud but not as much as we saw most of last year.  To add to the wetness, Rooster had arranged for some smile check stations, you didn’t want to enter the check station without a smile on your face or you were sure to get wet.  There was enough mud that several vehicles needed the assistance of a winch or strap to complete some hill climbs.  On one of the climbs a four door JK lost the bead on the left rear tire.  Mike provided air and with the help of a few people the tire was reseated in about ten minutes.

With all of the rain I thought that the creeks would be high and flowing but they weren’t too bad.  As I said, there were numerous creek crossings and if you chose to run different lines than the leader you may have gotten different results.  A couple of Jeeps got off the line and needed a strap to get out.  Although some water went into the passenger compartments no one hydro-locked their engines so it was all good we fun.

At the end of the day Rooster led us back into the creeks for a little run that really helped to clean the mud off the underside of the vehicles.  Then the largest kid in the group (Rooster) started a water fight and everyone got a little wet.  No one has more fun on the trail than Rooster and he tries to ensure that everyone has a good time. 

We ended the day’s run about 4:30 as the sky was getting dark and a light rain started.  It didn’t continue too long and as we were all sitting under Durrell’s shed  everyone stayed dry.  While waiting for supper to arrive we got to watch an amazing demonstration in fire building, a large tub, large logs, a gallon or two of gasoline and one match.  The initial light is far more exciting than the fire itself.  Dinner was served from Kentucky Fried Chicken and local watermelon was added to the menu.  It was a great day, great hosts and the Father’s Day Run at Durrell and Cindy’s is one of the best events put on by the club.

Created: 4 Jul 2010