2nd Trail Builder (New Salem) & Kickoff Dinner - 21 Feb 2009

By Mark

Our second trail build of the year shaped up to be a lot different than the first which was 65 degrees and sunny with lots of mud.  We woke up Saturday February 21st to a light dusting of snow and 22 degree weather with 25-35 miles per hour winds.  We headed to the VFW wondering what type of turn out that we’d see.  It was obvious at breakfast that some people had a much harder Friday night than Chris and I did (Dan’s photo below).  By the time breakfast was over we found that we had a great turn out.  Trails open for the day were Ridge Rambler, New Salem, Pokey’s, Myer’s Mayhem, and Atlas. 

Chris and I headed out to New Salem with Rick Culberson going along to provide some supervision.  Doug, Don, and Keegan Maxheimer were going to meet us there at noon.  We found that the ground was fairly firm until you spun your tires through the surface and then it was slick mud.  Before Doug and Don arrived we had checked most of the trail, cut up three trees that were blocking the trail, and found a couple of spots that looked good for new loops.  Rick had bounced off of a tree and I had failed to climb the Hill of No Return.  Shortly after lunch Doug and Don arrived and we then went back to looking for areas that we could expand the trail.  Doug got too close to a drop off and had to be winched after sliding on the mud.  A couple of spots were marked and Doug and Don went to talk to the land owner about what we had in mind.  Chris and I headed for the motel so that we could take showers before the board meeting and the dinner.

The board meeting started on time and lasted a couple of hours.  Before we were done people were arriving for the kick off dinner.  We had over 60 people in attendance at the dinner and everyone seemed to have a good time, swapping stories and lying about their Jeeps. 

It turned out to be a great day on the trail in spite of the weather, at least for those of us that had heaters that worked properly.  For those of you that have never attended a trail build you really need to.  We spent five hours on the trail with only about a half hour of that moving trees.  That was a lot better than sitting at home with the Jeep parked in the garage. 

I hope more people will attend the next trail build on March 7th.  The weather should be better and we have some new loops to cut on New Salem and several of the trails have some work to compete also.

Created: 23 Feb 2009