2nd Trail Builder – Myer’s Mayhem, Feb. 21, 2009
By Jim and Angel

We went out with Dennis, Dave and John to Myer’s Mayhem. I talked to them before we started. I know I am not yet equipped for a 4 rated trail, but everyone assured me it would be fine. We stopped first at the lunch area and built a fire for later.

On the first little creek crossing I stuffed my bumper into the bank and had rubbing issues whenever we got flexed up.  At first we did all right although we did need the hook a few times and had to fill some deep ruts with logs in a few places. The photo’ don’t do it justice, this trail is wild!!!  My unlocked CJ did pretty well all things considered but we kept Dave busy hooking us up so we could winch out of several spots.

My wife was worried a couple times. Once we were so far on our side that the seat belts would not release enough for her to reach the window crank to pass out the tree saver to Dave.  My side was buried in a bank. After that, Dave kept it in Dennis’ Jeep for the duration.  Dennis had little trouble, although he did provide some entertainment trying to back up the trail.  John’s rig did good until he rolled the bead off a rear tire. We made an attempt to reseat it, but ended up putting on his spare.

Although we spent a lot of time winching, we still got some clearing done and I for one had a great time. I got a few new scars and I will now move my CB antenna to the back, instead of the side. My new winch would not free spool for some reason. If anyone is looking at the Smittybilt XRC 8000, if I had it to do over, I would hold out for a better one. It sounds as if the bearings or something are going already.

As always, I learned a lot on this run. It was fun to go on a new trail, and the trail guides took good care of us.

More photos are here!

Created: 23 Feb 2009