1st Trail Builder - New Salem- 07 Feb 2009

By Mark

Saturday February 5th was a great day in Pittsfield, for the first workday of the TRJC season, about 65 degrees and no snow.  After meeting for a great breakfast we hit the New Salem Trail for a day of wheeling and to check the trail out for any damage from the winter storms.  Immediately we found that there was about three inches of really slippery mud on top of frozen ground.  It was hard to walk on some hillsides without the grass sliding away under your feet.  There was a lot of winching done from the start and things were really slow going.  As the day got warmer I think the mud got more slippery.  It got to the point that by 1:00 we were sliding down hills without any control, a few Jeeps hitting trees while doing so.  Chris and I called it a day.  Doug Maxheimer and some other hardy soles walked in to the timber to mark some areas that will be cleared on the next workday.  We intend to ad some new loops to New Salem that are harder than the trail is rated.  This will give people on the trail the option of trying something more difficult if they wish by getting off of the main trail. 

Since returning home Chris and I have been busy in the garage.  Yep, Chris works on the Jeep too, after all she says she owns two of them and I don’t own a Jeep at all.  We built and painted a new tire carrier, moved the Hi-Lift to the hood, took the tires off of the aluminum wheels and mounted them on some Allied bead locks that I bought used from Dan.  We spent all day Friday the thirteenth mounting tires and getting them back on the Jeep.  On Valentine’s Day Chris spent hours cleaning the Mickey Thompson wheels so that we can sell them.  You guys have to convince your wives and friends that if you ride in the Jeep you help work on it, it’s a family thing.


Created: 17 Feb 2009