2009 Safari
The Safari Report By Lisa

WOW!! A Great Turn out for the Safari

When Rick Culberson asked me to take over the task of Event Coordinator, I offered my assistance just to give him a needed break. Not to mention the fact that he cornered me out at Pokey’s trail last year, with his sad puppy dog face on, while others (who names will not be mentioned) watched in the background.  Okay guys, you all know who you are!!!   After all, he had been handling all of the organization and preparations for the past five years.  I vaguely recall him asking, “How would you like to take on the task of being the event coordinator?  Some of us (members) think you would be great for this job.” Yes, it was a major job to handle and I do recall Alan Grady making the comment after I accepted this position, “Watch out boys, we are really in for it now”.

You were right on the money Alan.  Being that I am a perfectionist and very analytical, I needed everything to run like clockwork.  So I made a few changes along the way.  Yes, I stuck to my guns with rules and regulations, but nevertheless, my good intentions were always directed towards what was in the best interest for our club.  Thankfully, everything went off without any major issues.  I did become a little worried, (actually scared to death) when our economy went belly up last year, but as time passed on, the outlook became brighter and brighter.  Plus a lot of praying did the trick as well.   Even though I was in awe over the applause and recognition from the audience at the Safari, I cannot take all the credit for such a great turn out.  As the event coordinator, I employed many of our TRJC members and friends, to assist me along the way. They are a huge part of why this event was a success.

Kaye Iftner - Pike County Chamber, who handles all of our pre-registrations and makes sure that the confirmation packets are mailed out in a timely manner.  She also keeps me in check with the number of attendees and any other information that I am in constant need of.  Thank you for putting up with me over the past several months.

Dave and Jennifer Bell; along with Greg Woods; who took on the huge task of gathering donations from our local vendors for raffle prizes.

Dave Koenig - DK Four Wheel, Moline, Illinois – who assisted me with all the nationwide vendor donations.  Thank you for taking time to assist me in keeping track of all inbound donations and for the storage space of all the donations received prior to the event.

Onsite registration crew ; Debbie Sorensen, Lily and Joie Vittetow, Jeff Shuck and Maureen Winckler.  You are all wonderful and I am very blessed to have you on my team.  Since you have done such a great job for the Safari, I am not letting you off the hook…….I need you all back for the Blast!!!  J  Tech Inspection crew ; James Catt, Rick Miller, Dave Koenig, John Winckler and last but not least, Jeff Vickery.  A big thanks to Jeff for allowing us to use his trailer as our inspection pit.  I know the guys appreciate a place to congregate, especially out of the hot sun and the rain.  Hey Jeff, same place, same station in August. J  The Rodeo crew that handles the ramp and tire toss; Jimmy Smith; Dave Bell, Nathan and Josh Miller.   Onsite raffle coordinators ; Hayward and Kathleen Bell. Our raffle ticket selling crew; Karen Dixon, Rick Miller, Maureen Winckler, Jennifer Bell.  Since you all did such a tremendous job of selling over $4800.00 of raffle tickets, would you mind doing a replay for the Blast????   Rachael Baker (our newest mommy to be in August) who sold over $600.00 worth of TRJC promotional items.  Our very own ice-cream maker, Don Maxheimer was onsite making his world famous ice-cream. I believe he made over 30 gallons of ice-cream and ended up with sales in the amount of $675.00.  Steve Thorton and Lee Ator, who took turns at being our MC hosts.   A special thanks to our landowners for once again allowing us to use their land for our events.  Without use of their property, we would not be able to have fun Jeeping.  To Dave Christensen for lending his views and advise to me over these past months in preparation for everything.   Doug Watret for making sure we had an adequate amount of trails to have fun on.  To all of our trail guides for making each day fun filled and very eventful for our guests.

Of course, last but not least, a special “Thank You” to Rick Culberson for allowing me the opportunity of being this years’ event coordinator.  I did ask him if he wanted to take back this job and he commented by saying, “since you are doing such a great job, I’ll just let you keep it for a while.” 

All in all, I believe we had a great turn out.  It was such a pleasure meeting and speaking with many of the attendees who introduced themselves.  Many stating what a great time they were having, while thanking me for putting on such a great event.  We ended up with 297 attendees and 177 vehicles registered for the event. I know I probably have missed a few names here and there, but I want everyone to know how thankful I am for their assistance along the way.
Well, no rest for the weary. I am already in the process of preparing for the Blast.  Yes, this is a never ending job, but I really like a good challenge. With that said, I expect to see all of you back for the Blast in August.  Till then, keep it on all fours. 


Created: 28 May 2009