2008 Safari
When 90% Isn't Enough By Steve

Friday started out routinely. Filled up with a big breakfast and waited with our trail group for the driver’s meeting. Pulled out at 9AM with the help of Pittsfield's finest. A few minutes later we were airing down in a pasture on Murphy's Law. The day could not have been nicer. Sunny and cool with all the rain behind us. After experiencing a sonic boom we hit the trails. The recent rains had left the trails real muddy. Made for a lot of fun. Later in the morning we came upon Carburetor Hill. We were going to just drive up and take a look but some of the bigger Jeeps wanted a go at it. Well, Randy got his Grand Cherokee down into what looked like an impossible to escape ravine. You heard more then you saw until all of a sudden he got the front end around the narrow corner. He kept hammering at it until he emerged through the trees and up to with in 50 feet of beating the hill. With his Jeep on it's side and belching antifreeze, he gave up to save his Jeep. Made it 90% of the way through. Damn good I thought!

Well my Dad always told me if you are going to do something, give it 100%. Maybe most Dads say that. After Randy came to a stop he perched up out the driver’s door and took a look. We then heard a voice coming from the passenger seat asking "does anybody have any toilet paper?”  There sat a man who understood what 100% means. Billy was that passenger. He was clutching the cooler during the ride. He managed to save 100% of his lunch. That my friends is dedication and perseverance. I believe he made Pokey proud that day.    

A special thank you goes out to the TRJC and the land owners for a great event as always.

Created: 19 May 2008