2008 Safari

"I Did It" by Rick

After five years or more, I did it!   Yes folks, I drove my Jeep for two days and four wheeled both days and did not have a break down! Now Gary (GDS) said I just did not wheel hard enough, but hey I didn’t take the Motel Pike trail. I went on Murphy’s and Dutch Creek without a break down either day. I also learned a very important lesson -  did you know that the R was not for rescue.  On Friday, somehow I got stuck in a mud hole. Gary Williams (Murphy) being the kind gentlemen he is, helped me out.  He placed a strap on my Jeep and was going to give me a small tug. His Jeep was in 2 wheel drive and mine in rescue.  All was fun until the mud from him spinning his tires and me turning sideways somehow ended up in my Jeep. Oh well, they are selling that dirt for lots of money to the deer hunters. I got enough to fix my Jeep had I broke anything. Now if I can just bag up that dirt with a few deer in it I may even be able to buy a new Jeep…… I had that much of his farm all over me and in my Jeep. And that was just in the first two or three hours of the 2008 Safari. You just had to be there for the rest of the fun.

 It’s over now and with that I would like to thank all the people from Pittsfield and the surrounding area for having us. Next, a GREAT BIG thank you to all the land owners for letting us continue the sport we all enjoy. The American Legion did a great job with the food. I think everyone got enough. Well I did anyway! Another big thanks goes to the Pike County Chamber of Commerce and Main Street Pittsfield with Kaye and Rachel.  Kaye did all of the pre-registration and both helped me carry a truck and Jeep load of prizes that had been delivered to the Chamber’s office.

Thursday night brought rain and we did not have the jumping toy for the kids because of the rain. We also had to cancel the rodeo but Jim Smith with Lisa Catt, Dave Bell, and Dave Koenig ran it on Friday and Saturday nights so everyone could get in. Even with the rain the Tech Inspection went well. Jim Catt, with Rick Miller, Graham McNeill, and Dave Koenig kept everyone moving. Deb Sorensen, Lilly Vittetow and Joie did a great job with registration. Jim Vanderborg, with Mark Schumacher and Andy and Sonya Bottrell with Greg Wood got us lots of prizes. And we had Mom Miller, Kathleen and Hayward Ball, Rick Miller, and Lisa Catt selling tickets, drawing tickets, and handing out prizes to all that won. Some of the things won were hats, shirts, free dinners, tickets to off-road events, free night’s stay, complete sets of tires, winches, and many more to list.  And then we had Graham and O.R. as MCs. Both did a great job and kept everybody into the action.

With that, I would like to thank all the people who have helped and anybody that I may have missed I am truly sorry. Just too many to keep track of.  Another big Thank You to the sponsors. Without you we would not have the great prizes to give away. Please, everyone remember who were the sponsors and tell them thanks you from the Two Rivers Jeep Club Safari.

Now back to the Safari. Thursday night brought rain so not much to do.  The Lion’s Club had pulled pork which was very good. I thought I was hungry so I bought two. I could have feed two or three people with both sandwiches. Got everyone who was there registered and off to the motel for a good nights sleep.  Early Friday morning and boy do I need coffee!  Down to the gas station for coffee, ice, and a whole $3.78 of gas. A good thing my gas gauge works -  almost got a gallon into the tank. Back to the motel to ice down some water for the day and off to the American Legion for a great breakfast.  Had the driver’s meeting and I realized that I had forgotten to sign up for any trails.  Asked Chief if I could join in hoping he can find room for me.  He said if I didn’t cause any trouble I could tag along. Well if you know me, that’s just about impossible.

So off to Murphy’s Law trail we go. Boy was it wet out there. Have never seen it that wet but it sure was fun until I found out R is not rescue.  After being humbled and having Gary pull my out, I tried to be at my best behavior. I did try a new place they called Can-Opener and had to winch myself out.  I watched Randy do it but I just didn’t have the nerve to do it. You just have to see it to understand what I’m talking about.  From now on I’m listening to Chief. He told me it wasn’t a good idea but I just had to see. I also got to see Randy put on quite a show in Carburetor Alley. Thank goodness I was smart enough to go around that one. After Randy, everyone else backed out and went around - smart thinking for day one. As the day went on and more and more fun was had, we came to a hill that everyone was being winched up. After being pulled across some massive roots, I sat and watched Randy give it his best. He broke both front axles and hubs so he and I called it a day and I tried to follow him into town but couldn’t keep up with his 65 mph speeds so just made sure he wasn’t left along the side the road. Anyway, back to town for supper and a cold one. Great food that night and a lot of fun was had a the Legion. Graham had everyone laughing and found out that the Legendary Civilian Jeepers out of Wisconsin had 9 vehicles at the Safari. A BIG THANKS to them for coming down this far to have fun with us. Then to sleep with dreams of day two and can I make it with no break downs?

Day two comes and off to Dutch Creek after another great breakfast. I’m running a little late after getting everyone off with the help of the Pittsfield Police.  I think the Pike County Sheriff’s Office helped one day. But anyway off I go with Graham and who do we see but Lee (Trail Guide for Dutch Creek) on his way to town. He dropped a driveshaft and was getting it fixed.  Next we happen on another Jeep. Hayward is also having driveshaft problems so we all watch him fix his and then off to the trail. Catching up with the rest of the group was very interesting with a dash thought the creek at around 30 mph. We got all of Murphy’s dirt washed off anyway. Of course it didn’t help as the very first climb we made the Jeep was covered in mud again. Had a great time. I got to wheel with a lot of the people who helped me with the Safari. Andy and Sonya, Graham, and Hayward, were all on the trail with me and of course Lee. It was just kind of nice see people who worked as hard as they did having a good time. We all had a good time and all went well until around late afternoon then out of nowhere Trent, one of the trail guides broke a timing chain or something.  We had to pull him through the holler (Graham you know what a holler is now)? Got him down to the house and off to town trying to get cell service, and a good supper.  Again a great supper and good entertainment, lots of prizes. I think everyone was happy. Hope to see you all at the Blast.


Created: 19 May 2008