2008 Safari

“I thought you only did that in the woods” by Nathan

First and foremost I want to say thank you to TRJC for a wonderful event. Each year is so much fun and so well run that is makes for a great weekend. The first day we ran Mongo which was a bit on the muddy side…ok, it was a lot on the muddy side. It made for a “foot to the floor” type of wheeling day just to make it up the hills. The second part of the day started to dry out nicely and we entered some very nice part of the trails. On the second day we ran Murphy’s Law and it was great too. The trails had dried out just enough this day. Carburetor Alley got me on the first try. No matter what line I took, the windshield frame just wanted to bring the side of the hill with it. So I had to back out and let someone else try. But the more I thought about the more I couldn’t let it beat me. My passenger (my dad) got out to watch this time and away I went up through. So of course I blamed the first mishap on dad. Murphy’s Law lived up to its name. One Jeep in our group busted a front u-joint, then later in the day hit a mud hole a little too hard and sucked in water. But all is well, we pulled the plugs, drained the oil, dried everything out and drove it home.

But now for the story that will forever remain part of our Pittsfield memories. There was a group of seven of us that went down from the Quad Cities this year. Jim, Ryan, Jamie, Dave, Champ, TD, and me. Five of us came down early in the day with Champ and TD coming down later that evening. So after we checked in to the house we rented, we sat around and had a few refreshments until check in started. As we were walking around checking out the area, we couldn’t help but notice the garage, which had a lean to attached to it. It had a fishing boat, some yard tools, just the usual things you would expect under it. But that was not what caught our attention, it was the toilet, including the tank, that was under there as well. One of us jokingly said, “it would be so funny if we get Champ to do his business in here”. And we chose Champ because he has a habit of “doing his business” every time he comes to one of our houses….not sure what it is about that boy. Plus, he is just a good sport about things such as this (he gets a lot of practice).

So the plot started. We stared coming up with all kinds of ideas. We positioned the toilet nice and straight, got toilet paper from inside, put a plastic bag over the toiler paper to give the appearance of moisture control. We even had a tarp that we laid there so someone could hang it from the rafters when sitting. Then we saw a bucket, we filled the bucket with water, you know, so you can flush the toilet….and yes, we tried it and it actually flushed. We even went as far as to tape the toilet lid shut in the house. Which by the way, nothing was wrong with the house toilet. Then Jamie called Champ and said she is not staying there with us because of this. She said the plumber is coming on Friday so she would stay there after that. SO we got the video camera out and recorded this whole big plan.

About an hour later Champ and TD show up. We show them the accommodations, we all kind of joke about it, then quickly change the subject so we don’t give anything away. So we all get in the jeeps, go check in, then go to dinner. On the way home Jim was in a truck, the rest of us were in our Jeeps, I had some leaking fluid so all the jeeps stopped to assess the situation, just a little diff fluid, no big deal. But as we stopped, Jim drove on by us and headed to the house. Since he got there first he quickly filled up the bucket and waited until we all pulled in. As we pulled in, Jim “flushed the toilet” and said “I initiated this bad boy”. So that little comment really sunk it in to Champ’s head that it really was the way to use the bathroom.

Now it is around 9:00 or so, all the guys are hanging around the fire, Jamie is inside watching TV and resting. Champ slowly disappears into the house (with none of us guys really even noticing) and tells Jamey, “I really have to go to the bathroom, but I just know they will rip the tarp down!!”, so anyway, he comes back out, sits with us for awhile, then disappears again. About ten minutes later we all hear “WOOO HOOO!!.” I grab the camera, we all run over there and asked what happened. As he is “flushing with the bucket” we asked what he did and why he did it. He told us (all on video by the way), after he was done telling us why he pooped outside, we then told him it was all a joke. Needless to say we all laughed hysterically for about 15 minutes. Champ thought it was funny too. So we managed to tell many of our fellow wheelers about the story just to make it a little better. Needless to say, it was a funny joke that everyone had a great time being part of. And of course, Champ was a great sport about it and laughed right along with us.

We had a great time wheeling, good food, great people, and many laughs at Champs expense. Not sure how we will top this next year. Thanks once again for opening up the land and the club for this great event. We all had a wonderful time.

Created: 19 May 2008