2008 Safari
A Blast at the Safari by Greg & Melanie

Well let me start by saying it was another great event by TRJC. My daughter Melanie and I had a great time again. She really likes to go on the trails and when we get done she'll tell everybody that she didn't even get scared, but as you can see in the pictures, she had white knuckles all day.

On Friday I thought I would try to run Black Oak as it is a trail I have not been on. Melanie begged to skip school so she could go too, but I wouldn't let her and told her that she would have all day Saturday. That being said at 9:30 Friday morning I proceeded to break a rear u-joint and the front drive shaft all at the same time. So much for running Black Oak!! I got to climb in with Rooster and run until lunch at which time they were nice enough to trailer me back to town. After feverishly working all afternoon fixing the back axle and drive shaft I was finally able to get to the dinner where I was hoping to find a front drive shaft to be able to run on Saturday. As luck would have it, the second person I asked had a spare so after the dinner it was back to the wrenches and everything was back together.


On Saturday it was off to Mossy Mountain for a great day of trails. Nothing broke! Melanie and I had a great time as we always do.

Melanie and I would like to thank all the people who where so nice to help with the event.  A special thanks goes to Rooster for the ride, Rusty for the tow, Andrew for the help, and Chad for loaning me his drive shaft. Without all these people it would have been a long weekend and someday I hope I am in a position to return the favors.

Hope to see everyone at the blast,
Greg and Melanie

Created: 19 May 2008