2008 Safari

“R” is for Recovery – “2” is for Tow!!!! by Graham


It’s the first little hill on Murphy’s Law but the previous day’s rain has made it a bit slick for those with small tires, bald tires, all terrain tires, and oh, Boggers if they are on Ricky Bobby’s Jeep TJ. Ricky Bobby is an alias because we wouldn’t want to embarrass the driver in the TJ although his full name is Rick (I’m secretly in love with Jeff Gordon) Culberson, our illustrious Event Coordinator.

Ricky Bobby get’s hopeless stuck and of course Gary (Murphy) Williams just can’t wait to be the one captured on film with the tow rope. Now what do you suppose happens when you get the likes of Murphy and Ricky Bobby at either end of a mud hill with a tow strap in between?

Ricky decides that the “R” on his gear shift leaver stands for Recovery and Murphy figures that the number “2” is for towing. He also selects two wheel drive just for added fun. The picture below is not blurry; it’s a fantastic amount of mud that is being thrown up by Murphy who is laughing so hard he just can’t stop until the white TJ is obliterated in a thick covering of that awful, stinky Murphy’s Law Trail combination of mud and cow manure. Most every one just couldn’t believe what they were seeing. The land owner and the event coordinator acting so strange but finally accepted the fact that the F-16 that broke the sound barrier above our heads during the trail head driver’s meeting just addled their brains a little.

This section of the trail is called Mississippi Views. I am following a new JK with 37” tires but without doors. Later in the day there would be 6 inches of water inside the JK proving that Murphy’s Law would live up to its reputation. Friday and Saturday were beautiful sunny days and this picture summed up just how nice the weather was. It was also great to see so many new faces and Jeeps at the Safari. For awhile it seemed that we would never see stock vehicles again but Hamer and Jenny Tate filled their Ridge Rambler Trail both days.
This deer caught on film on the Dutch Creek Trail was just feet from our wheels but never moved. It was probably thinking that it didn’t really matter if it was run over as it wouldn’t be many years before it was target practice and would end up on someone’s dinner plate.
My son Shawn and I have been wheeling in Pittsfield for 11 years and he learnt to drive on the trail in a Jeep. Shawn turned 21 at the end of last year so this year we ate steak at the Red Dome, went bowling of all things, hung out together at the Pike Motel with friends and even drank beer together. This is how the entire weekend went, just a load of fun with good friends, kicking back and relaxing.
Ricky Bobby again in familiar pose at the end of a tow strap. This time his whinny 4 cylinder was no match for the likes of Hayward Ball in his big CJ. Hayward could have pulled him up the hill with his teeth but instead just idled up the hill letting his 39” Boggers do the work. Rick sat back and was just plain happy that after over 10 years on the trails he was going home under his own power and had not broken anything.
Created: 19 May 2008