2008 Safari

Black Oak and County Line by Brandon


As a 5 year club member, I was ashamed that I had only been able to make it to 2 Safaris ever with the last one in 2004!  So it was with much excitement that I loaded the family, my wife and 3 kids (6, 3, and 9.5 m onths!) into our 2008 Rubi Unlimited (Bruiser) for its second time on the trails.  After two days of mud, laughs, new friends, and even listening to a baby scream through the woods – I have no regrets!  Once again thanks to a great group of people. The 2008 Safari was a huge success!!  Thank you to all that put in countless hours planning, preparing, and providing! 
After a great breakfast on Day 1 we were on Black Oak Run following Rooster through the creeks and around the trees.  A few mud holes took their victims but of course everyone enjoyed helping them get back on the trail.  After a “civilized” pit stop for lunch (thank you Durrell and Syndy!) we were back on the trails for more.  The day ended by watching a couple brave ones take on the “rock” climb up the ravine.  Thanks Rooster for a great trip not to mention the bonus CB singing!
Day 2 found us on County Line following Pete up and down through the trees.  I think he was a little leery of the “big JK’s ” being able to keep up but with 3 of us on the trail we proved our ability pretty quickly!  While the trail wasn’t as muddy as Black Oak it definitely had a lean factor like no other!  My 3 year old daughter and I quickly had to come to a compromise that I would “go slow” down the hills if she’d let me go as fast as I needed to up them!  By the end of the day she (and even her mom) were having a great time and knew that our “Bruiser” was up to the task!  Pete and the other trail guides did a great job leading everyone through the high and the low!
Created: 19 May 2008