2008 Safari
Another Great Safari from Andrew and Sonya

Another great Safari this year and a big thank you from the Bottrells to everyone who volunteered their time to make it possible for us older kids to have some fun.  It was all fun Saturday on Dutch Creek with Lee Ator guiding us with his Jeep I like to call “Angle Iron” and plenty of other characters to keep things interesting.

Here’s an interesting technique for avoiding rocks . It didn’t work, but got an “A” for effort.  Ya never know unless you try!

I wish I had a picture of Graham going up this ravine eating an orange.  Most of us were white knuckling it except Graham who thought he would peel and eat an orange while he drove up this ravine!

Nice CJ5

If you are going to admire the quicksand in Dutch Creek at least keep moving!
Yep,  his lawn chairs float!

One of the more “doable” hill climbs.

Interesting character known as Hayward who prefers to drive up trees rather than around them.  That’s a big rig he’s drivin’!

Good times and great people.  Some of the best entertainment you can have for your family.  Try and get just 1 new person to come to the “Blast” this summer.  They’ll thank you afterwards.

Until next time ..........

Created: 19 May 2008