2008 Ladies Day Run - 12 July 2008

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Ridge Rambler by Chris and Photos by Mark

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It was the weekend all of Pike County dreads, Ladies Day at TRJC.  Responsible parents kept their children home behind closed doors when they found out that the women were going to drive.  Everyone…….yes dear, I’ll shut up and you can handle the article for this run, thank you for letting me ride along with you.

I finally got to drive my Jeep!   And you know what?  It’s a lot more fun driving and being in CONTROL than being a helpless, hapless passenger.  I have Lisa Catt to thank for this opportunity as she is the driving force (pun intended) behind the Ladies Day Run and Night at the Movies.  As usual, it was another great jeeping day.  The rain held off till 3:00 p.m. which gave us plenty of time to experience the trails.  As I am a novice, we (hubby and I) decided to forego Susie’s Knob for the gentler, kinder Ridge Rambler.  However, the heavy rain the night before, and the ongoing pipeline project on Hamer’s trail gave us all a challenge on those slippery, muddy hills.  I enjoyed every minute of it.  And I think my husband did, too, even though he had to be the helpless passenger.  I don’t think he closed his eyes once, which is more that I can say when I’m riding with him.  He didn’t even yell or make snide comments when I forgot to down shift or got a little too close (ok, I admit it, I ran into it) to a fallen tree.  Actually I didn’t even see it until we bounced off. (Oops!) And best of all, he even washed the Jeep before we went to dinner and the Drive-In.

The evening turned out clear and beautiful.  Those of us who went to the drive-in got to see a great family movie, WALL-E.   Hubby and I only made it through the first picture. So we were back to the motel and in bed by midnight.  I don’t know if the jeepers with children lasted the second show or not, but I maintain it was all the fresh air that wore Mark and I out, not our age!

I was happy to see several other women driving the trails.  And they all did a great job,.  I hope they had as much fun as I did.  The Two Rivers Jeep Club is just a great group of people.  Getting to know the other club members, trail guides and land owners is as enjoyable as the actual jeeping.  We go to the breakfasts at the VFW as soon as it opens so we can talk to all the folks there and admire everybody’s jeeps prior to hitting the trail.  The work days are as much fun as the club events. 

So to all of the TRJC members and their families, trail guides and land owners, a big thank you for making mine and my husband’s retirement so much fun.  Thanks to Lisa Catt for putting together the Ladies Day Run (and for all the work she does at the Safari and Blast).  Also to Hamer and Jenny Tate for their hospitality (who not only allow but welcomes muddy jeepers into their home) and use of their property.


Created: 9 Jul 2007