2008 Father's Day Run

Thanks to Durrell and Syndy for sponsoring the Father's Day run for many years.This has always been our most popular member-only event.

Photos from Greg and Melanie are here.

Photos from Rusty are here.

Mark & Chris' article here to see their photos.

And don't forget to look at the photos at the end of this article.  These were taken by Mike & Julie DeBacker, the people that got Mark and Chris to buy their Jeep and join the club.  Wow!  To have friends like that! (Thanks Mike and Julie, ya did well!)

Although the timing of the Father’s Day Run at the TNT Ranch was a bit off it was well worth the wait.  Great weather and one of the most fun days we’ve had with the TRJC.  Durrell and Rooster are great hosts and guides and certainly work hard to make sure that everyone is enjoying themselves.  There’s everything from squirt guns, water balloons, and bags of peanuts to lots of cool trails and you don’t know what is going to happen next. 

Durrell has a great piece of property with everything that a Jeeper could want.  There is water, creeks, rock, sand, hills, valleys, and tight “v” notches.  Did I mention water?  If it wasn’t under the Jeep it was coming over the Jeep because everyone had plenty of squirt guns and water to reload with.  There were lots of smiling faces all day.  There were two young boys in the back of a Jeep that each had a Hanson weed sprayer full of water that let them squirt anyone and everyone all day long.

About an hour into the morning a rear driveshaft was lost and it took two Jeeps to tow the Jeep out.  With some help that Jeep was back on the trail right after lunch.

Right before lunch we had a roll over that luckily turned out not to be too bad.  Paul suffered a laceration to his head and was checked and cleaned up at the scene while Rooster directed the recovery.  The Jeep was safely put back onto it’s wheels, winched onto level ground, and towed to the workshop.  It was then that we learned what caused the injuries to the driver.  Although it had been secured, a receiver ball assembly had come loose and acted like a missile striking Paul on the arm and head.  While he was being taken to the hospital several people pitched in to straighten a fender, pull the plugs and dry out the cylinders, and check the Jeep for safety.  When he returned he found his Jeep was running and drivable.  In the end,  a pretty lucky day for Paul.  A little damage to the Jeep, a quick trip to the hospital, some crazy glue to the head, and he came back to finish the rest of the day riding with a friend.   After supper he drove home to the relief of his wife and everyone else. 

Hopefully there is a lesson to be learned here for everyone.  Securing and storing items in a Jeep are two different things.  Securing means that they cannot come loose in a rollover while storing items means that they probably will.  In law enforcement we tried hard to teach the difference between cover and concealment, and we hoped it would sink in.  Cover stops bullets, concealment doesn’t.  Think about it, where would you  and your children want to be when the loose items/bullets start flying.  That receiver ball assembly could have been just as deadly as a bullet, so could a pop can. 

After the morning excitement the afternoon was pretty uneventful as far as accidents and breakage go, it was just a lot of fun.  Lot’s of good trails, water flying everywhere, and the biggest kid of all leading us and laughing the most.  About 4:00 Rooster gave us a choice of getting cleaned up before dinner or continuing on the trails, most people chose to continue. 

We stopped with just enough time to air back up, secure winch controls, and get out the chairs before supper was served.  There was lots of tasty chicken and fixins for dinner and the lies were flying while everyone sat around enjoying the meal and the fire. 

If you are going to show up for only a few of the club events during the year this has to be the one that you cannot miss.         

Mark & Chris


Created: 9 Jul 2007