2007 Ladies Day Run
Articles by Mark & Chris, Andrew & Sonya, and first-time coordinator Lisa

Ladies Day Run Report from New Members Mark and Chris

We had a great time with the club at the first Ladies Day on the Trail event on July 7th, 2007. The first time we were ever off road or attended a TRJC event was the Safari in May of 2007.  My wife Chris and our friend Julie took our stock Jeep out that Thursday night on ORís night run. They say that they made about four minutes before having to be towed. The rest of that night I heard that they were hooked to another Jeep being pulled from every mud hole OR led them into.  When they got back to the camp site the Jeep was still filthy and all they could say was that they needed a drink and how much fun they had. The upside to needing help all night was that they got to know OR and Don pretty well.  After this experience my wife was pretty nervous about driving at the Ladies Day event so we signed up for Ridge Rambler. It was a great day, we met some wonderful people, had a great time, and my wife got to drive trails that she was comfortable on. The day was a lot of fun and then going to the drive-in was a great way to end a wonderful day. Lisa should be commended for putting this event on and hopefully more people will attend it next year.

More photos at the end of this page.

We just want to thank the club members on the Ladies Day run for being so friendly and helpful with the "newbies" we invited to come along for the day.  My wife and I just joined a few months ago and now we have already brought in some new members.  Its great to see the smiles on the kids faces while they interact with people instead of video games.

Keep up the good work!
Andrew & Sonya

P.S. Want to thank everyone on the Mossy Oak trail who pitched in with chain saws, air compressors, nuts, bolts, and wrenches to keep the trail ride moving!

This article was written by Lisa Catt, the organizer for this first Ladies Day Run.  You did a GREAT job Lisa!   Thanks!

It was around 6:45 am on Saturday, July 6, 2007, when my husband Jim and I pulled up in front of the VFW hall for the Ladies Day Run Event. Breakfast was going to be served from 7:00 – 8:30 am, by our very own local VFW Chefs.

As we walked into the VFW building, my stomach began to get a little queasy. This was my very first event that I had the opportunity to organize and I didn’t want it to be a failure. I kept looking out the window constantly, hoping to see another Jeep pull up in front of the building. I started to feel really nervous, when…..I couldn’t believe it, were my eyes deceiving me. A line of Jeeps started turning the corner heading towards the VFW Hall. Much to my amazement, they just kept on coming in the parking lot, until there was a total of twenty eight Jeeps in all.

After everyone had their fill of a great breakfast consisting of eggs, bacon, biscuits and gravy, we had our drivers meeting at 8:45 am. The next step was for all Jeeps to be looked over for approval by Tech-inspection. Before we knew it, we were off to our designated trails.

We had three trails to choose from for this event. Suzy’s Knob; for the Extreme Jeepers, had seven Jeeps. Mossy Mountain; a little tamer trail, had 14 Jeeps, while Ridge Rambler, our casual, site-seeing trail, had 7 Jeeps.

On Suzy’s Knob, our girls were ready for any obstacle to tackle. I have to commend all of the ladies in our group for being so brave to even attempt a 4+ rated trail. Especially since most all of them had never even driven a trail before. As each obstacle became tougher and a little more daring and extreme, most of our girl crew decided to give the control of the drivers’ seat back to their husbands. I have to give extra credit to Tracy Reinsche, the only other gal (crazy like me) that hung in there and gave it her all that day. Even on the last obstacle of the day, she came down the last steep hill grinning from ear to ear. All she could say was, “We need to get a bigger Jeep.”

As the day flew by, we all had the time of our lives attempting such feats as Warn’s revenge, Full Throttle, and even Suzy’s Knob. We ended our day with a Jeep trail to the Clark 54 Drive-In Movie Theater. It was really an awesome sight watching ten Jeeps come cruising towards the movie entrance. Everyone organized their designated area by setting out chairs or blankets and compiling their drinks and munchies just in time for the show. It was such a beautiful night just sitting under the stars, watching Live Free or Die Hard with Bruce Willis up on the big screen. A great time was had by all.

As we were driving home the next day, I was filled with such warm emotions and gratitude towards the many TRJC members that helped to make this event memorable and possible. I would like to take this opportunity to extend my deepest thanks to John Toumbs, Mark Kinney and Mark Tweedell for their support and assistance in helping me bring forth the idea for this event to the Board Members of TRJC and the Board for their approval.

Tom Miller and Doug Maxheimer for helping me in bringing together all the appropriate trail guides needed to assistant on the trails. Dave Christensen for designing and incorporating a Ladies Day Event flyer on the TRJC website as well as sending out a beautiful flyer in the mail to our members. To the wonderful and gracious land owners for allowing us to trail on their properties. Last, but not least, my husband for being my passenger and always giving me encouragement to try and tackle any obstacle that comes my way.

I hope that everyone had as much fun as I did and I look forward to being able to have this event next year, with the Board's approval. Till next year girls, keep your chin up and keep on Jeeping.

More photos from Mark and Chris

Created: 9 Jul 2007