2007 - 9th Annual 4x4 BLAST

Thank you from Kelly, Blast and Safari Coordinator

Here we are, another successful event.  Numbers were down but that did not stop those in attendance from having a good time.  A big round of applause to those in attendance and I invite all of you to come back and trail with us again in the spring.  Dates for the 2008 7th Annual Illini Safari are May 15-17 & the 10th Annual 4x4 Blast are Aug. 7-9, Mark your calendars.  We want to see you in Pittsfield.
The Thursday night BBQ brought in approximately $130.  The charity has not been decided upon as of yet. This will take place at a later date for those funds.  Thank you Rod, Shawn, Kayla, & Emily for the time spent in serving up those chops and dogs.  After all I don’t know if we could have picked a much warmer day for you to have been standing over that hot grill.  Also, Pokey, thank you for the grill !!
Don and his home made ice cream did great.  Don made a statement about how he always knew Jeepers were great.  It came to show that even though numbers were down, the donations on ice cream were still over $400.  These donations go to the Pike County Christmas baskets. Thank You Don for all the great ice cream!

The Thursday evening run on Exit Ramp was a successful one.  A good time was had by those who participated. There were ten Jeeps led by our two trail guides Doug & O.R.  O. R. is also the land owner on this trail.  Thank you O.R. & Doug.

This event takes many people to make it happen and I would like to thank all of those people: the Tech crew,  Check In crew,  Rodeo crew,  Raffle crew,  Promotions, Trail Guides, Land Owners,  John Wood College, and American Legion .  Rick - thank you for the work on the T-shirts.   I don’t know how to work on the schedule he does, but hey as long as he can do it!   Dave - thank you for all of the public relations work.  I hope I have not over looked anyone.  If so you can call or e-mail me and give me grief about it.  Again THANK  YOU!
ALL OF YOU!!!!!!                 
I am looking forward to a bigger and better year in 2008.  See you on the trails.

Created: 08/19/2007