Trail Builder and Kickoff Dinner - 11 Feb 06

Let’s see, did anything exciting happen the first day of trail building for the year? A new member, Teke Karsgaard, rolled tipped his Cherokee over on Atlas. Then his buddy had a slight brake fluid leak that got on a hot manifold and, well, you can guess the rest. Keep those fire extinguishers handy! Alan Grady, after replacing the front sheet metal, decided it looked too good and proceeded to knock down a tree on the aforementioned good looking sheet metal. And Jim Catt elected to ascertain what 50,000 volts from an ignition coil would feel like traveling throughout his body. He found out. Other than that, it was a quiet, peaceful, easy beginning to our wheeling season.

That evening about 50 folks came for the dinner and festivities. First was a presentation by Alan Grady to new member Teke. Teke got the golden hook, normally reserved for later in the year, but his performance on the trail today was so outstanding that he was presented with it at the dinner. Next, Frannie Suhre presented a special plaque to O. R. Freesen for his years of work and effort with our club. Thanks O. R.! That was followed by more presentations to those landowners that were at the VFW. Two Rivers is presenting each landowner with a plaque expressing our gratitude for their support of our club. Those that were not present will have their plaques delivered by Charlie Ater.

After the presentations, auctioneer Bob Evans donated his time and ran an auction where we raised almost $800 for the Mounted Angels. Thanks to Bob for his efforts and thanks to all those who came and participated in this event. We had a great time. Thanks to Carl Seymour who set up the evening’s festivities.

For those who didn’t attend, see what you all missed???

Created: 19 Feb 2006