2006 Safari - Myer's Mayhem by Rich

Well another good time on the trail. We opened two new areas which everyone enjoyed. Since the trail was very dry even Hell's gate was done by all, which has never been the case when it is wet. A total of 40 Jeeps ran the trail this year. Damage was very light, minor repairs on the trail, very little body damage. Damage report - one broken axle, flat tires, gears damaged, power steering problems, crushed hood, minor sheet metal damage and I know I am leaving some out.

Our trail guide, Lou, made photo of the month once again. However the photo does not show that he was sitting on top of a 100 foot hill in which he was looking downward as the Jeep was getting ready to roll. This hill is so steep it is hard to walk up it! The pucker factor was 10 on a scale of 1-10. Well I just want to thank everyone who ran the trail this year. However, when this trail is wet, talk about a roller coaster ride! One last note: this is the first time on this trail that I drove out without any damage, Oh, I almost forgot I had a flat tire. However since I had bead lock wheels I still ran for half a day with no air pressure with no problem.

Created: 4 June 2006