2006 Safari - Pokey's and the Event, by Chris

Wow, all I can say is this was one awesome trip. Hands down, couldn’t ask for a better group of trail guides, or people. The town catered to us in more ways than I can shake a stick at: parts stores opening up for you after hours because you need a part, everyone knows everyone, people helping work on other’s stuff. Great food. The American legion did an A+ job on the ‘better than Thanksgiving’ meals. If you left hungry and could still walk, it’s your own fault. The bikini car wash was slick, RTI ramp was trick, and the muddiest Jeep contest trophy was 3 feet tall. The Swamper tires toss was cool. For the guys in our group, one won the RTI ramp, one won the swamper toss, and one took runner up in the muddiest Jeep contest. Our group won some stuff in the raffle. Camping was cheap, clean, and beautiful weather. It was a good turn out, it was my best time wheeling, and had a blast doing all the other stuff. Met a lot of good folks and wheeled some of the best land in the Midwest, hands down.

Carnage was broken U joint clip/broken bolt and had to drop the rear shaft and winch out of Beggar’s Gulch. Wow, that was crazy! Dave blew up the 4.9 stroker. Brad blew out a Dana 60 shaft. Ryan blew a valve cover gasket and 2 bolts were stripped. The Pike County ‘skeeter population is cut in half. Uncle Mike’s clutch broke, replaced what was broken and was good to go at lunch break on the trail. Dave got a huge case of poison ivy. Brad’s tow rig, pulling 2 Jeeps on a trailer, ran out of gas on the way there. Gauge read 3/4 when it ran out. And the same tow rig on the way home spun a cam bearing and it had to be helped home. Mike bent a lower arm on Beggar’s Gulch and the XJ has a few nice dents from the rocks.

I'd like to thank Pokey for an awesome day of wheeling and trail guiding on his land. I'd also like to thank Haggard for the Sunday guide on the Back 40 and for the help on Beggar's gulch. One of the funniest things happened at camp. I wish everyone could have seen this. About midnight we hear Ryan say "What the heck is going on?" Then he said "Quit playing …ahhh … what the... Coons!!! Coons!!” A raccoon clawed a hole in his tent and was trying to get to his food. Ryan is screaming ”Get out of here!” And he’s trying to kick it out of coming in the hole and he’s bare foot. The coon left but it snatched his bag of hamburger buns. The whole campsite was laughing so hard we didn’t even go see if he needed a hand running the coon off. Good times were definitely had in Pike County. Thanks Two Rivers Jeep Club.

Also thanks to Donnie and Tom for letting us wheel on your land. Hope to see you at the next run. Take care!

Chris, Rock Island, IL

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Created: 4 June 2006