Two Rivers Jeep Club Night Run
What a great day! Two daytime trails were run: Mossy Mountain and Myer's Mayhem. Mossy claimed a little sheet metal, but nothing major. There were also a few "stucks" which provided ample entertainment.
Lou, our intrepid trail leader on Myer's, demonstrated how to show his wife (who, by the way, gets car sick) his impressive navigational and driving skills. (Check out the photo of the month.) Gerald, ensuring the safety of those present, is securely holding the left rear tire to prevent further tippage, although we're not sure if the tippage refers to Lou's Jeep or to Gerald.
Later that evening we had a great meal of burgers, brats, and beans. Just at sunset, OR led our group of 30+ Jeeps out to a 1 rated trail for the night run. Who would have guessed you could have so much fun on a 1 rated trail? Lee and Tammy provided ample entertainment with their baby YJ. But even those with non-baby Jeeps had a great time. While sometimes it was a case of the blind leading the blind (Woodpecker following Airborne!), we had a great night run and a fun time.
This was so much fun that OR has graciously consented to hold a night run again for the BLAST. So thanks Lou, for the entertainment on Myer's, and thanks OR for your hard work and several mower blades to cut this 1 rated trail that was just about the most fun one could have with one's clothes on!


Created: 30 July 2005