2005 Kick Off Dinner

What a Great Day!

The weather was warm and the trails were muddy. About 30 Jeeps showed up and took off for various trails. Some people got stuck going up hills. Some got stuck going down hills. Some got muddy, really muddy. Some almost slipped off ledges. It was a good day for wheelin’ but the best was yet to come later in the day.
At the late afternoon Board meeting, several women from the Daughters of the American Revolution made a presentation about a Pike County flag used in the Civil War that was recently found and is in need of restoration. The 34 star flag is unique, in that is has the battles in which it was used written on the stripes and also the names of those who perished in the battles. These names were written on the flag almost 150 years ago! This newly discovered flag is a remarkable piece of Pike County’s history. $7000 is needed to restore the flag, place it in a glass case and have it on permanent display in the Pike County Courthouse. Without hesitation, the TRJC Board of Directors voted to direct the proceeds from the 2005 Safari raffle sales for this purpose and, in addition, advance the $3500 to the DAR so restoration may begin immediately. I wish you could have all seen the look on the lady’s faces when this was announced. Board Member Tim Miller presented the check.

After an excellent dinner put on by the VFW, the auction began. This auction, as in past years, was to help raise funds for the Mounted Angels. Michelle Westmass brought in an exhibit and spoke about the great things their organization does for physically challenged kids. Then the fun began. At one point O.R. and Michelle were bidding on a red Jeep wagon. O.R. didn’t realize he was bidding against Michelle. When the bidding was done and OR found whom he was bidding against, he donated the wagon to Michelle for her child.

Over $800 was raised and TRJC added the balance to make a $1000 donation to Mounted Angels. Thanks to all of you who attended. What a great day, in less than 2 hours TRJC donated $4500 to the community that welcomes us Jeepers to wheel on their lands!

Created: 9 Feb 2005