2004 Snow Run

By Bob

"A good day Jeeping is still better than a bad day at the office." This describes the Kickoff 2004 snow run at Rockport Off Road Park perfectly. There was around 10-15 Jeeps that went to Rockport for Jeeping after the breakfast at the VFW hall. They went from heavily modified to a completely stock TJ. Walt was our trail leader and he started out taking us though the creek toward the Back 40 area. The slide down into the creek went well, but at one point where we got up and out of the creek, the first damage as done.

The next thing to happen was Bob Kavka backing up to get some momentum for a hill and having to winch himself out of a rut. Not too long after, Walt was checking out a ice and snow covered section of the trail, when He broke through the ice. This started up the fun competiton between Walt and Rick of ice testeing.

Of course this ended when Walt had to get strapped twice on the same hole.

Later in the afternoon we all went up to the Wolves Den area where Alan was not able to get under a fallen tree. We used two straps, a winch, and a block and tackle system to raise the tree so he could fit under it (the canyon we were in was so small that we could not back up to try and take a bypass). Thanks to Walt, Rick, Tom Wombles and Rockport Off Road park for a great day.


Created: 29 Feb 2004