2004 Father's Day Run


Thanks, TRJC members, for the almost $1700 bid during the Father's Day Run. This was matched by the club for a total of almost $3400 being donated to Heartworks which will be used to photograph children in Pike County! The Father's day run was great, as usual. One of the highlights was the "pies in the face" with Rooster and Syndy thoroughly enjoying themselves.

67 Jeeps were on the trails and just over 120 people at the Club Run. At dinner 67 adults plus 18 kids were served for a total of 85. Every single person walked away with a door prize and the door prizes were all very nice - lots of gift certificates for food and overnight stays at local motels. Those in attendance contributed $1,692.50 in donations and auctions to Heartworks. Combined with the club's matching donation, $3,385 was raised for the photography event that Heartworks will host in Pike County later this summer. It was amazing!

Heartworks Photography, Inc. is a private, non-profit, professional portrait studio that works exclusively with special needs children and children who have been stricken with life-threatening illnesses or injuries. Their mission is to capture and preserve individual photographs of these special children that will reflect their unique personalities while working within the restricted confines of their personal environment. Click here for more information on Heartworks.

Created: 9 July 2004