2004 Christmas Party

We began our day with seven Jeeps led by Carl Seymour on a back-road excursion. Even though no one got stuck we did find a little mud and crossed a couple of open creeks. We saw a few wild turkeys and several Pike County whitetail deer. We returned to Pittsfield in plenty of time for the evening meal.

The Suhre family once again did a wonderful job of decorating the VFW while we were gone…it really looked festive.

The members of the VFW prepared chili and vegetable soup for supper, along with ham salad and grilled cheese sandwiches. We also had fabulous sweets to snack on made by Sharon Williams.

Approximately 35 people attended the party. We were sure glad to see that “Ma” Miller felt well enough to make the trip and enjoy the party with us. We also had several new faces this year.

The gift exchange was actually pretty calm this year…not a lot of trading. Guess everyone got what they wanted the first time.

The Santa Claus look-alike contest only yielded one contestant dressed in yellow with a yellow beard. (Wonder who that could have been?) The kids didn’t seem to mind what color he was wearing, though, as he passed out gifts to each child that attended. Way to go, Santa!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas…we’ll see you all next year!


Created: 9 Feb 2005