2004 Better Late Than Never 4th Run

Submitted by Tanker

Wow! What a wild and great time they had! With the help of Alan Grady, trail guide, it was hard work driving from dawn until dusk. We had no real damage to Jeeps but Tall Dog did take a bite out of some tops. We also found some mud, or should I say Tim and his Mom found a whole bunch – and I mean a whole bunch. You should see those boggers throw that black stuff.

Grady got to try those new BF Crawlers out. Wow! They are big and do they climb rocks. They’re big, bad boys. After Alan did the show, the starter said “No more” and that was it for him.

Then someone got a bright idea (I won’t mention any names) thinking you can start an automatic by pulling. 30-35-40-45-50 mph down the road. And then – try to get all that back up the road to the Park (Hint: it didn’t start!) What a huff and puff with the vacuum econometer reading “poor” all the time.

Brad (I don’t know his last name) drives a white Jeep with blue scallops on the hood. He had a hard time in the turns, 12 pointers, until he tightened up some lines and bolts and then he was off going again.

At the end of the day, Tom and Debbie outdid themselves with some fine grilling of chops and burgers. And can you believe he did this without any singing? Inside those two put on some of the best home cooking we ever had. Boy, was it good.

Oh yes, we told you Scooter, Tall Dog was the way to try those Boggers – glad to have you along this time out.

There was a great turn out for this event and a good time was had by one and all.

See you on the trail and “Git-R-Done.”


Thanks to Tom & Debbie for the followings additional photos:


Created: 21 Oct 2004