2004 4th of July Parade

While the 4th started out cloudy in Mokena, by the time the parade began the skies mostly cleared and what a great time we all had. 30+ Jeeps participated in the parade. Over $500 was spent on candy to throw at the thousands (yes, thousands!) of kids that lined the 2 mile parade route. Even with $500 worth of candy, we still ran out about 3/4 of the way through.
This parade seems to be well known in the Southern suburbs of Chicago. It's a tradition that parade participants throw candy at the kids and the crowd. In the 30 minutes it took to drive the 2 miles, we must have passed 4 or 5 thousand people. Our Jeeps were featured on a cable interview and word has it that our Jeeps were the hit of the parade (perhaps because of the candy we threw.)
Durrell and Syndy led the parade with a TRJC banner. We had folks asking us where we were from, where we went wheelin' and how to get more information. This was a great way to get publicity for TRJC.

Click here for more photos of the parade and the festivities.
Created: 9 July 2004