2003 - Trail Building
1st TrailBuilder - March 1 by Doug This is Doug's first article for the web and he did a GREAT job. He covers Atlas and Back 40. Please - attendees on other weekends - consider taking photos, writing a short article and send it in. These stories are really neat for those of us who can't get down there each time to help out. Thanks again, Doug!
2nd TrailBuilder - March 15 by Doug Doug came through again on a wet and snowy day in Brown County on Mongo. Thanks again Doug, for a great write up!
3rd TrailBuilder - March 29 by Jennifer Thanks, Jennifer, for a great write-up and for helping out Doug by writing this article. Mongo is a great trail and full of surprises (as well I know from the now-famous endo & roll maneuver from a few years ago - click here.) This trail builder was no exception and provided a lot of entertainment. (I sure hope there's a photo of Jennifer after she fell in the mud....)
3rd TrailBuilder - March 29 by Kyle Kyle wrote his first article for us and included a lot of photos of his experience on Back 40. This is a great article!
3rd TrailBuilder - March 29 by Doug 3/29 must have been a great day for fun based on the articles. Here's Doug's write up of the Back 40 trail building.
April 12 and April 26 by Doug April 12 was landowner appreciation and April 26 was trailbuilding.  These are two more excellent articles and photos by Doug.  He's doing a great job, not only as TrailMaster, but also getting photos and writing articles!
April 29 - By Graham Graham's great writing style is in full swing for this delightful article on Pokey's Run.  This is a MUST read!

Created: 02/13/03