Back 40 -- 3/29/03

Well, I have been humbled. Saturday morning 6 A.M. with my jeep on the
side of the road and only three wheels turning, I really wished one of
those trailer queens would have driven by.


It seems that the parts guy (which is me) messed up and the mechanic
(also me) didn't look as closely as he should have to see that 1989 and
1992 front rotors are different, only slightly but different.


Thanks goes to Maddog for the use of his truck, trailer, and the Dog


When I did finally show up, just in time for lunch, I found Pete, Walt,
Paul, Heyward, Tiffany, and Kyle on the Back 40 surveying the land for an
upgraded loop. They did inform me that I had missed some of the work but
there was more to come.


Kyle did show us that the Back 40 trail is still tough enough to break
parts, if you like. We also got to witness Heyward's new springs and
Corvette motor work, and then watch Pete in his TJ tackle the same axle
twisting spot. Pictures really don't do it justice.


Special thanks to Walt for running the show on Saturday.


On Sunday, TRJC did a good deed. The story goes that Mr. Foote was
trying to pull someone else out, then broke an axle, and had a flat tire
all while sitting in the river. As he was the one doing the pulling,
(his winch broke also) when he became stuck he was done for the night.


We all caravaned to the undisclosed location and a trip it was. After
lots of hands touching different parts of his jeep he was rolling again,
wounded but rolling. I wonder what Stacy's has to say about this story.


Keep smilin' and see you Saturday!



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