A Great Day on Mongo! 3-15-03
Submitted by Doug Maxheimer

The Crew for the Day
The Mt. Sterling Boys took us up to no man's land, Brown County, and the Mongo Trail. It's pretty nice up there; however it was a little colder since it was so much further north.
We each prepared for the day, aired down (or unloaded for the trailer Queens), and immediately were put in our place as the rock road to steep hill transition was not easily accomplished with the ground still wet.

New Mongo Trail Guide, Elmo

Todd, crossing the trail?

This first hill started a day of finding easy to bypass up-hills and down-hills. John Toumbs did a good job of making sure we got our daily walk in. We cleared new trail around some creek crossings "that were five feet deep". You sure couldn't tell it, but I wasn't going to try it either.


As you can see by the pictures the new Mongo trail guides were accidentally trying to make new trail.

New Mongo Trail Gunner, trying to make new trail

I also, out of the kindness of my heart, showed those Mt. Sterling boys what damage a little 4 cylinder could do to a front axle. We had a good field repair class. Ok, we didn't repair it, but I got to 3 wheel the rest of the day. Nice sunshine and good people made it a great day.

Thanks to "the crew" - Warren & Karen, Reckless, his son, & Mark, Todd Whitiker, Elmo, Jenifer & the Mechanic, John Tombs and the Sterling Boys

Keep Smilin'


And thanks to John for the following photos of Ridge Rambler----

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