What a work weekend! 3-1-03
Respectfully submitted by Doug Maxheimer
Photos of Ridge Rambler courtesy of Mike Kavka

Saturday turnout at VFW
7:30 A.M. Saturday morning, not a jeep in the parking lot when I pulled up, What's going on? By 8:30 we had 19 people signed in, with family and friends adding to the total. The group looked wonderful in size compared to the 7:30 count. We had a few less than 19 jeeps as some people had decided they wanted to work more than trail ride.
Hamer Tate, Rick Culberson, and I each took a group. "Hamer's group moved rock with a trailer on a slick, snow covered hill." Joe said. They did take a break at the cabin, nice cabin Hamer! "Rick's group cut a new entrance to Pokey's Run." Don said. It seems we're going to have to up the rating on the trail now as Rick broke an axle using the new entrance. Seems a little tough to me, what do you guys think?

Saturday ATLAS crew

ATLAS crew after, Note: trees and brush gone and only one person missing.
Thomas and Whitney led Alan, Shawn "Foote", Stacey, Diana "Rusty", and I in search of hidden grave stones on the hills above the town of Atlas. We think we found them all, until the spring thaw. We got about half of the area cleaned up. We hope to make this area look as nice as the first cemetery you come to.

T-bucket, trail check by Alan

Alan checking Atlas
These cemeteries are what the Atlas trail brags about being some of the oldest in Pike County. We also ran the back of Back 40 and cut lots of fallen wood. Whitney just wanted to trail ride. Thomas was still ready for more trail building at 4 P.M.. 1st grade energy is amazing.
No breakage except for Foote using a claw hammer to make his winch work. Finally even that didn't work, it died. Mr. Warn had to get Mr. Ramsey out of harms way.

Back-40 in the snow, trail check by Foote

Sunday trail ride
Sunday 9 A.M. VFW Frank, Brian, Trent, Foote, Thomas, Alan, Joe, and I took off for new ground, new to us. We stopped by the prison camp to pick up Frank's mail, HaHa, that's a joke OK. We did drive by though. We spent 3 hours on some of the most varied trail I've been on in at least 24 hours. Seriously, Frank Smith and Brian Baker have done a wonderful job of building trail that was just plain fun to run. They down played what they had done, but I thought they did great. If the interest is there for Sunday runs this place is different, easy, and hard all rolled in one. I can't wait to see what they have planned next.
If you weren't there sorry, but maybe if there's interest they'll do it again soon. Seeing Joe run his new TJ makes me think good has come out of his YJ being stolen. Alan and Thomas did closeout Sunday with a bang, ok it was more like a pop and a hiss. The result was a right rear tire turning backwards ok but not forward. Also a loss of ARB air pressure may be a more serious problem. Frank, Brian, and Trent gave us directions back to town and said Good Bye.

Joe's New TJ

Both of Alan's High-Lift jacks weren't functional obviously, as he used a tree to get the left rear tire off the ground
Alan and Thomas made it back to town with one wheel drive and loaded up on the trailer. Foote made sure that went ok. Alan has a Awesome tow rig if you haven't seen it yet. Joe and I went to the car wash. Joe broke camp. I got gas, Subway, and with a smile on my face drove home. Maybe the smile was from all the hard work completed, great people to be with, or the fact I could drive home. Does it really matter, I was SMILIN'


Your favorite (and only) Trail coordinator, PEEJ

and now - photos from Ridge Rambler, courtesy of Mike

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