April 12 (Landowner Appreciation)
April 26 (TrailBuilding)

Respectfully submitted by Doug Maxheimer

Landowner Appreciation

The Two Rivers Jeep Club was able to show our appreciation for all Gary & Virginia Williams do for our club. We spent Saturday morning coating the roof on two buildings at Virginia's house. We were working so hard and so in to our work that we forgot to take a single picture. We did save a roof or two for next year, so be sure and ask Gary when the next roof day is so you too can say you watered the Bull.

Roofing Crew (Thanks all!): Steve (Chief), Zack, Walt, John (Tailgunner), Stephanie, Andrew, Grace, Casey (the Dog), Alan, Thomas, Gary, Virginia, Daisey (another dog), Bob (Dually), Antonella, Doug, Don

We do have a picture of some of the roofing crew as they prepared for lunch & more pictures of the afternoons activities on Murphy's Law. Another Good Day.

Keep Smilin


I asked,"Why Duals?". Bob said, "Why not?" I now see why

It's amazing what a JEEP will go through

Beautiful views on the Murphy's Law Trail

Bob and Antonella had to show us what the Cherokee Dually would do in the mud hole

Walt meant to drive through this?

Alan and Thomas on one of the many creek crossings

John (tailgunner) showing us the way up the hill

The first time anyones been up the hill this year

Lining up to open the gate at Murphy's Law

Roofing crew getting ready for lunch

April 26 Trail Builder

Good Turn Out! Sorry, no pictures, forgot camera. Which also meant I forgot to get everyone's name, my apologies to anyone I left out. The crew: Bruce, his son, and nephew, John & Moe, Dennis, Alan and Thomas, Doug, Don, Walt, Reckless and son, Heyward and Kathleen, and Tim and his buddy.

I was assured all trails were in order or would be by the end of the day, so we headed to the Atlas cemetary. We uprighted some very heavy stones, cleared more brush, and cut more overgrown trees. All in an effort to make this area presentable. We also tried to quickly run some of the Atlas trail. Quickly and wet do not go together on Atlas! After we finally got out of there we headed to the Wombles property to cut a new access to some of the trail that was previously too close to the pasture. We had fun playing with the ticks and I believe this was the first weekend it was hot; I even broke a sweat. Mushroom hunters were quite disappointed I must say, it seems the regular spots were a bust.

Good turnout at the Appreciation Party at the Womble's big red shed. Great cooking by Walt, Tim, & Debbie. We all had fun catching up on all the facts of the day: Rick Culberson ran his whole trail and didn't break (his daughter may have brought him good luck). Craig tried to run his trail after the loggers had been there in his wife's suburban (I hope there's more to this story). I also understand Rooster has got some awesome car crushing plans for the Memorial Day Picnic and rumor has it, Durrell is going to crush some cars in his Hummer or let anyone drive the Hummer that wants to. I don't know if both rumors are true, but even if only one is true what a great picnic this will be.

Keep Smilin

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