Front 9 - 2003 Safari

by Doug

11 Jeeps on Front Nine on Friday Hauling; Heyward and Kathleen, Dan, Evan, Becky, Gary, Derek, Dave, Carl, Nina, Brad, Bob, Dave, Lesley, Earl, Julie, Don, Janet, Doug, Brent, & Lars. Saturdays crew on Hopewell; Phil & Bogey, Don, Janet, & Doug, Ray, John, Susan, & Dudley, Burt, Steve, Mariah, Rachel, Josh & Lacey, Alan & Alden, Ashley, Carson, & Pat.

My Dad, Janet, and I got to spend Friday of the Safari on the Front Nine trail as tailgunner for Heyward and Kathleen. Rolled a Jeep on its side, found trash on the trail, and no fires. Good weekend so far. Then Saturday we we're lucky enough to be able to go on the Hopewell trail with Ray and Alan. We hadn't ever been on this trail, and as you know new is always good. "Backroad" Josh took us on a county road tour on the way to the trail that could be a trail ride in itself, Yep that's got me thinking.

Oh and keep Smilin'


Don and Janet Maxheimer raised over $350 for the Christmas baskets by asking for donations in exchange for cups of freshly made ice cream

Ray debriefing everyone after a very good day of Jeepin'

Ray demonstrating the wrong way to go up the trail

Josh showing us how to drive his boss's Jeep

Ray showing us trail building with a short shovel
Ray showing us trail building

Ray showing us how Trail guides should eat lunch and if you don't bring a chair just take the seat out of your Jeep

Trail guide Ray starting saturday on the Hopewell trail with a talk on the Indian mound

MC Walt behind the mike

Brent and Lars got in trouble for leaving trash on Heyward's trail

-Dan and Evan got recognition for putting thier Jeep on its side

Trail guide Heyward showing us the view at the grave site

Lunch on Friday with Heyward

Friday morning lining up for the Front Nine

Friday morning lining up for the Front Nine


Created: 06/03/03