Back 40 - 2003 Safari

by Chris

Well, the time has finally come. It is 6:30a.m. I am very excited to hit the trails, as I am sure we all are. The weather cooperated for the most part. First we ate breakfast and before we knew it we were off to the Back 40.

Steve and his son Chris blasted thru it first and made it look easy. Here is Dave going thru Snicker’s hole. Walt told us usually no one gets thru Snicker’s hole easily, but the whole group got thru it fairly well.

The next obstacle was Chameleon’s Ravine. This ravine gave everyone a lot harder time. As you can see, no one got through without the help of a winch or two, and as a matter of fact, a couple of straps, too. Ron wanted to take the high road to the right, and while his son Ryan was holding on for dear life his Bronco slowly rolled over in it’s side. This crew is trying to get Ron back on all fours!

This is my husband Jerry and myself (Chris) going up the ravine. We tried so hard to get up, but we got stuck too. Jerry didn’t feel bad about getting winched though. At least he wasn’t on his side.The next course was the T-bucket. Everyone went thru the water with a big tree in the middle, andt Walt and the others talked Jerry into attempting it. He went down, but didn’t get up! When winching his winch broke and Steve, Walt and my brother, Rick , tried fixing it, but we needed parts so one of the guys winched him out.

I just want to say that I had the best time! And we all would like to thank the landowners for the use of their land. To everyone who took part in putting together the 4x4 Safari, I will see you at the Blast!

Created: 05/24/03