Memorial Day Picnic 2003
Rooster's Demolition Derby

Saturday, May 31, the skies cleared, the sun came out and Rooster (Old Bob) with a little help from his neighbor, Bob (New Bob), hosted the TRJC Memorial Day Picnic. For the second year in a row, the highlight was the demo derby, where a couple junk cars are stacked and Jeep drivers have the challenge of driving over them. To allow for everyone to participate this year, “roll cages” were added to the junkers allowing everyone to be able to drive up and over. After everyone had a chance, the “roll cages” were cut out with a chain saw and the fun began. There were a lot of crunches, “stuckages,” and laughs. When it was all over it was Jeeps 1, Junkers 0. A few photos are on this page but there are many more photos here.

Bob, Sandra, and all those that helped: THANKS! The 50 of us that attended had a great time! You were wonderful hosts. See you next year!

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Created: 05/31/03