2003 Kick Off Day Activities

Thanks Two Rivers!

Our first club event for the season was outstanding! Saturday was a great day. There was a good breakfast and fun trail building on a number of trails: Mossy, Ridge Rambler, Back 40 and a few others. Chad and Frannie handed out nifty TRJC cloth patches. Votes for the official TRJC flag were cast. Graham compiled not only a directory, but turned it into a very complete reference book for TRJC with a lot of useful information. A Board meeting was held and most of the remaining items for the 2003 Safari were nailed down. We had a great Turkey dinner at the VFW with over 120 in attendance. Sunday provided more wheelin' fun.

Graham and Shaddy offering me some "advice."

Trent Knoles won a $150 gift certificate for the winning flag design for TRJC. His is the one in the lower left side with the green background.

"The Crusher"
This will be the vehicle to be used for the Memorial Day Demo Derby at Rooster's in Mokena. The goal is to drive over this vehicle with your Jeep. Photos of last year's Demo Derby are here. If you don't want to drive over this classic, just come on over and watch the fun!

Trailmaster Doug receiving his new "TrailMaster" shirt.

The highlight of the entire day was the auction. Thanks to then generosity of Two Rivers members, $1700 was generated for Mounted Angels, an organization that provides horseback riding for challenged children, some of whom would never have such a wonderful opportunity to enjoy recreation of any type in beautiful Pike County. What makes this even more significant is that Mounted Angels was unable to hold a fund raiser last year so this is a major source of income for them.

Graham, once again offering me some friendly advice. O.R. is trying hard to be presidential and not laugh.

121 people attended and donated $1700!

O.R donated his shorts (only used once....)

Bill's cap and a roll of toilet paper to go along with it. The toilet paper is the safer of the two items - you don't know where that hat has been.

Here are just a few examples of how we share our love for our hobby by giving back to Pike County - and having a fun time doing it:

  • Andy bid $55 for 7 dozen of Sharon's great cookies - and then he passed the cookies out to the 121 people that were there.
  • Pat bid over $300 for an outstanding original piece of artwork by Tom Miller. If you've never seen one of Tom's works, you'd agree that it's worth every penny! Thanks Pat - - and thanks especially to Tom who invested many, many hours in this drawing.
  • Graham stole Bill's cap and put it up for auction. It sold three times, the last time for $9.00 when Bill bought it back for himself. That escapade brought in another $25 for Mounted Angels.

Tom bought a new rig, complete with nerf bars.

Carl, presenting the $1700 check to Judy Douglas, representative from Mounted Angels.

It struck me as I was looking at the certificate of appreciation we received from the Pleasant Hill Fire Protection District (for the Jaws of Life we donated at the Blast) that we have done so much for Pike County. Then I looked on the wall at all the many thank you letters from various organizations that we've received and was truly amazed. We are not your typical 4WD club. It's really a privilege to be associated with such great people - and people that care so much for the those that provide us with the best place to wheel in the entire Midwest!

When you make a presentation so outstanding that it chokes up the Fire Chief, you know you've done something really special for the community.

Just a sample of the "thank yous" to TRJC from all around Pike County.


Thanks Two Rivers Members - you're great!

Created: 02 Feb 2003