2003 Father’s Day Club Run

by Syndy ‘Nutz’ Miller

True to tradition, this year’s Father’s Day Run lived up to it’s billing of  FUN FUN FUN!  With lots of sunshine and water wars galore, we had a great turnout for our annual romp over Father’s Day weekend.  With well over the estimated 100 participants, the club opened up a wide variety of trials for members to choose from. 

I can’t speak for the other trails but Black Oak Run was a riot.  We got plenty of rain just days prior to the event which made for some slick spots.  We started the day armed to the hilt with squirt guns and 200+ water balloons primed and ready for action.  I got to drive all morning so it was a little tough to retaliate on the many sneak attacks our vehicle received.  We did manage to soak more than our share of unsuspecting victims. 

As for the trail ride, we started out on the North Hill and everyone was doing fine until Dr. Dork (Ed Leech) got stuck on Ballbreaker.  That took a little maneuvering to get him moving again and shortly thereafter, one of the guests blew out a tire in the same spot.  Trail repairs were made and we were soon rolling on our way to Plumbers Crack.  No problems there so on we went to run the little crick, up the big hill, through the woods and over to the Washouts!  As is almost always the case, we managed to get a few people stuck in the muck there and after some winching and tugging, we headed back to the bunkhouse for a lunch break.

 After lunch our tour guide and long time chief trailmaster, Rooster, led us on our way to Winch Hill via the loop ‘d loops and dippy doo.  Winch hill claimed more than one victim including us.  (No, I wasn’t driving anymore… can’t be blamed for this one!)  Somehow ‘we’ managed to bend our tie rod seriously enough to make it impossible to turn right.  We limped back to the garage for repairs.  While we were gone, Gadget (Frank Fleeger) broke a yoke on his rear diff. 

From winch hill, the trail headed west to Thunder Run for some technical challenges before ending in 6 Mile Crick to play in the mud bogs.  The main attractions were Rooster’s roosters, Sponge Bob’s watercraft and Screamin’ Bill.  After the many obligatory ‘stucks’ which often require snatch-blocks attached to multiple winches anchored by straps, the gang headed for home to prepare for the evenings festivities.

Sparky made the food run into town returning with KFC to feed 125, plus 11 pizza’s from Giovanni’s.  We enjoyed Amish baked goods for dessert along with a boat load of entertainment from our M.C., Billy Z.  This years event was dedicated to raising funds for Heartworks Photography, Inc, a non-profit charity co-founded by two of our very own club members.  The event was an astounding success as we raised $1,683.50 on Saturday night to which the club will add a matching donation netting nearly $3,400.  (For more information about Heartworks, please visit their web site at www.heartworksphoto.org ) 

Evening highlights included the auctioning off of some incriminating photographs along with an impromptu offer from Tom to get Bill to shut up.  He offered Bill $1 for every pretzel nugget he could put in his mouth without chewing, swallowing or drinking..  We all knew Bill had a big mouth but no one suspected he could stuff 18 pretzels in there!  Several others jumped in on the offer and thanks to Tom’s idea and Bill’s big mouth, $220 was collected! 

A case of Miller Lite was auctioned for $120 to none other than my hubby and I think Sparky is still in hot water over the purchase of a Jeep tent he won in an auction war for $200.  Seems after he bought the tent, he needed the Liberty to go with it.  Rumor has it his $200 tent actually cost him the price of a new Jeep.  The 8x10 glossy of Tom’s Jeep stuck in 6 Mile brought in the most cash:  a whopping $753.50!  (Gee, I wonder what Rooster is going to do with that picture??!) 

In the end, we gave away over 50 door prizes including items donated from local merchants like free night stays at the local motels and free food from the local restaurants,  but the grandfather of all prizes was given to Tom Miller and his family… a free scenic plane ride from Pittsfield Airport courtesy of Gregg Carnes at Carnes Trailer World.  

We topped off the evening around the campfire with some special ‘fruit punch’ courtesy of Angela and Rowdy.  Tom and Debbie introduced the latest and greatest in margarita making machines with their gasoline powered 2-stroke mixer.  The campfire broke up around midnight and after a quick clean-up, we all called it a day. 

Durrell and I want to say a special thanks to the many people who contributed to making this event such a huge success.  Thank you to all the Club Members who participated and so generously donated to our fundraiser for Heartworks.  Also, thanks to all the friends who helped us set up and clean up the party.  This great group of friends includes Rooster & family, Sparky, Screamin’, Dr. Dork, Sponge Bob, Gadget & JJ.  Last but not least, we’d like to express our many thanks to the businesses in Pittsfield who donated the dozens of door prizes that were given away. 

Thanks everyone!  We’ll see you next year… same time, same place! 


From TNT Farm,  Durrell & Syndy.


The following merchants contributed door prizes to our event.  Please say ‘thanks’ next time you frequent their locations!


Carnes Trailer World (Pittsfield)

Faze II (Addison)

WTC (Carol Stream)

Jeep of DuPage (Wheaton)

TNT Farm (Martinsburg)

Green Acres Motel (Pittsfield)

Motel Pike (Pittsfield)

Sweats by Beck (Pittsfield)

Walmart (Pittsfield)

Giovanni’s Pizza (Pittsfield)

High Spirits Liquor (Pittsfield)

Einsteins Bagels (Naperville)

Hardees (Pittsfield)

Subway (Pittsfield)

Wine Nook @ the Red Dome (Pittsfield) ~