Black Oak - 2002 Safari

by TazLady

The trail riders consisted of 15; 2 Cherokees, 3 Scramblers and CJs. The previous day's rain made our tires "slicks". My boggers were even slickery.

We had to enter the trail from an alternate trailhead as a result of high water in the creeks. (The previous day a Jeep "floated down the creek"). The first approach was too much for a stock vehicle. He soon parked his Jeep.

Synthia and Durrell were gracious hosts as the landowners, providing trails and luncheon accommodations. The hills, mud, MUD HOLES, creek beds and scenic overlooks were awesome. A Scrambler with 35" tires buried his tires in an optional mud obstacle. The only damage in the group was a shock mount and steering arm, along with bumped bumpers.

Thanks to New Bob, Rooster and crew!

Created: 05/26/02