Memorial Day Picnic 2002
Rooster's Demolition Derby

For those who didn't attend the Memorial Day party held at Rooster's - whoa - did you miss out on a good time! Bob, Sandra and Christie went overboard to provide one of the finest picnics up north for sometime.

The highlight was Bob's Demo Derby. An old VW and Cherokee were set up in the driveway for people to drive over. What a great set of obstacles! That provided laughter, fun (and some carnage) for quite some time! The photos don't do it justice.

He also set up a series of tires on the ground and you had to drive over them without losing a basketball that was placed in a plate on the hood. This was also great entertainment, especially when Screamin' dropped his ball 5 times (a record number, I might add.)
There was ramp travel, a beam and and a shown 'n' shine. Sparky provided entertainment by dropping a front driveshaft while trying to pull a Cherokee off the pile of cars. Terminator impressed everyone with his "dualees" on his Cherokee.

The food was in abundance and great. Bob's barn was the perfect place.

The judges awarded prizes.

George Winckler won the balance course.

Sparky got the car crushing award.

Frank and Jude won the show 'n' shine.

Screamin' won the ramp travel (109").


Bob, Sandy and Christie - from all of us - THANKS! You were wonderful hosts and we had a great, great time. See you next year!

Created: 06/01/02