2002 Father's Day Run

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Black Oak Trail
by Rusty

After a great breakfast at the VFW, the Black Oak trail group (with 16 Jeeps) headed to the trail. Someone in an Infinity took the main road and beat the group with enough time to fill up the super soaker in the creek and greet the group as they turned in at the gate. Rooster was in the lead (even though he insisted he was not the trail guide and only along for the ride) and New Bob (my driver for the day) was the sweep with Mikey and Sparky assisting in the middle. The Infinity guarded the gate during the day.

For only a few people this was their first time on Black Oak, and we had two new future jeepers - nephews of the drivers. We ran creeks and hills and after the wash-outs had our first stuck….the green Willys at the bottom of Booger Hill. That was the beginning of a tough day for the Willys as later on they were ¾ up a hill with no name and did a ¾ roll coming to rest with the passenger side on the ground and tires against a tree (which kept them from a complete roll). All in the Jeep were shaken up, but not hurt - well, not quite true as Carl Redecker did say "My ego hurts!" The Willys has a full cage for roll over protection and it paid for itself today! Recovery proceeded and in the process, Rooster customized his tailgate with a tree. The Willys will need some fender repairs, but otherwise survived to continue the day. The hill now has a name - Flippin' Willys.

After lunch, we went to a new trail section called the Plumber's Crack. It's a more stretched out version of Thunder Run with tree roots, rock shelves and close sidewalls. Some found out how close - cracks in fiberglass tops and scrapes from and onto trees. A terrific trail. Thanks for the work.

The main group went off somewhere while New Bob and Sparky checked out if the creek was crossable and Thunder Run 'runnable'. It was and Rooster enjoyed ambushing the group with super soakers. The group enjoyed the new down hill - steep, straight and bringing grins from all at the bottom. Except when the Seiler's CJ cracked a hub (to go with it's cracked top). The spare hub given to me (and not used because I upgraded) was in the car, so it became theirs.

Time was spent playing in the creek - with Jeeps and super soakers. After the creek some needed to leave, so they did, and a few stayed to play. From there is was over to Winch Hill, which didn't live up to its name as the 5 Jeeps there managed to reach the top - no winch needed! Back out thru the wash outs and up Booger hill, catching some air at the top. Gerald must have had some Red Bull as he came flying over the top so gently he must have had wings! Mikey was having fuel problems and his bright yellow Jeep (1st time out) was strapped by Brad's bright yellow jeep (1st time out) using a bright yellow strap (1st time out). Where's the camera when ya need it!

Thanks to the Black Oak group for a terrific day!

Created: 06/25/02