2002 - 4th 4x4 Blast - Pokey's Run

by Barbara

(read to the tune of Gilligan's Island......)

Sit right back, and you'll hear a tale,
The tale of an awesome trip,
We started in Pittsfield, IL with 14 vehicles, Jeep vehicles.

The Trail Guide (Rick) was a mighty Jeepin' man,
(with new boggers, but couldn't make it up Gobbler's Gully)
Quinn had the video, Lou and Jeff were the tailgunners,
On this fun trail.

The weather was so beautiful,
the tiny Jeeps were tossed,
'cause of the skills of the drivers (with great help from our spotters),
no vehicles were lost, no vehicles were lost.
(But a few parts were broken, Jennifer and Barry's fender skirts,
back bumper, etc., Eric and Toni's shock, and Lee and Barb's air lockers).

Most Jeeps got air at "Off Camber Lane," (Jeff and Sara almost
Rolled their '94 YJ, but didn't need a strap to get out) with pucker factor, major pucker factor.

We had Jeepers from Michigan (with their doggie, Sydney, our official
Trail mascot), Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois, all on Pokey's Run.

*Apologies to the "Gilligan's Island" theme song.

P.S. A great day was had by all, many thanks to Rick, Quinn, Lou and Jeff, who were helpful, friendly guides.

P.S.S. One of today's Jeepers, Scott, has a website:, for Photos, info, etc.

Overall Comments: The event was well organized, everyone was helpful, and food was good. It was nice to see the contribution the Two Rivers Club makes back to the community through their donations.


Created: 08/22/02