2000 Jamboree


The town of Pittsfield rolled out the red carpet. The ambassadors of Pittsfield, at the bowling alley, the American Legion Hall and the property owners, allowed everyone to feel welcome and accepted. The food was great, the weather was dry and the trails were dryer. Attendance was at capacity and the organization was superb and better. Our group, four Jeeps, had a great time, but did have some minor mechanical problems with three out of the four. The trail leaders not only went out of their way to make a joyful experience for everyone, they also: pushed, pulled, towed, chauffeured, wrenched, winched, welded and directed for repairs and help. A big THANK YOU to all.

Dennis and Ann

My husband and I attended the Jeep Jamboree down in Pittsfield and we wanted to thank the club members who were there as guides. The town's people were so nice and accommodating and we were very impressed with the welcome that we received. The guides that we had were excellent (have you guys sent "Screamin' " in for treatment yet? ......ha ha ha!) We were on Dutch Creek Challenge and Lake Shore Drive trails and even though our Jeep broke down the first morning we still had a great time on Saturday riding with our friend. Of course Screamin' kept us laughing during most of the day. Just wanted to say a big "Thank You" to everyone who helped. It was nice to see people working together so well and having fun at the same time.

Judy & Joe Sydorowicz
"The Wild Wolf" (red jeep)

Created: 06/29/01