2000 Halloween Run and Annual Meeting


Two Rivers Jeep Club Annual Meeting

A smaller than usual group attended this year's annual election meeting, perhaps due to the date change. Still, about 100 people met at our clubhouse, the VFW. It's great to have a regular meeting place. With coffee and donuts, Durrell read the minutes of last year's meeting. He also announced the terrific, fabulous, wonderful, colossal (ok, I got carried away) news that our club won the honor of having the best newsletter in the entire realm of four-wheeling. We, as a team, are honored. Just think. When you write an article, you too are a part of that award.

Then the board tried to explain some by-law changes. After much discussion everyone voted, and the changes were passed (see Secretary's report). Next, the nominees for the board gave their speeches and we all voted. Congratulations to Hamer Tate and Gary Williams for their re-elections, and special congratulations to Dennis (Fuzzy) Andersen for winning the other seat on the Board of Directors. Melissa Johnson and Mary Ann drove their "Shriner's cars" around the room collecting donations for the Shriner's Hospital. They collected $420 (thanks members!). Mary Ann challenged the club to match the funds. Some of the board members thought it was a challenge for them personally, but after clarifying that, they agreed, and Two River's Jeep Club made out a check to the Shriner's Club for $840!

orAll drivers signed up for trails, and since our trailmaster Tim Miller was absent, he left a note telling everyone to have a great ride and to stay safe. Most of the members went on Dutch Creek, (30 Jeeps). Then, the next favorite was Murphy's Law with 13 Jeeps. Seven Jeeps went on County Line, and 9 on Hopewell Heritage. Last, but not least, Atlas had 6 Jeeps on it's trail. Check out the articles found elsewhere in this (terrific, fabulous) newsletter.

tatesSaturday evening's party was also fantastic. They combined a surprise for O.R.'s 50th birthday. Tom and Debbie Wombles put up a huge tent in front of their already huge pole barn. There was a delicious hog roast, lots of other great food, and the coolest cake made to look like our Jeep trails. It had hills, hollers, creeks, and lots of Jeep models on it. There was even a DJ playing all your favorite tunes (not on the cake). And let me tell you a secret that I never knew. Hamer and Jenny Tate are fabulous dancers! If you think it's easy to dance on a rock and gravel floor, well, it's not. O.R. was pleasantly surprised with the party. One gift I thought was especially thoughtful was a yellow walker, complete with boggers, running lights, and a c.b. Actually, it had more modifications than O.R.'s Jeep!

Several courageous people dressed in costume. The kids were great, and they handed out candy to the adults! I never did figure out who was in the gorilla suit. Tom dressed as O.R., and Debbie said he had to get rid of those yellow duds the next day!

Yes, it was an organized AGM meeting (atta boy, board members), a wonderfully sunny day for wheeling, and a great party to finish off the day.

Atlas at the Halloween Run

There were only six Jeeps on Atlas. Dave Jacobs and Hayward Ball led us out to the trail and we aired down just past the cemetery in Atlas. By the way, that area has family cemeteries all over the hills, with tombstones dating back to 1780. Some of our club members have been keeping the brush and branches cleared out around them.

Jay and Nina Taylor, with their kids Collette and Charlie, were behind us. Charlie told Steve that our troll attached to the spare tire wasn't going to be safe there. "He should be inside with a seat belt." Steve assured him that our good luck troll would be just fine! First, we traversed the roller coaster section without a hitch. If you haven't been on this trail, you can picture it if you think of how you can't see the rails beneath you when you ride on a roller coaster.

altasWe were anxious to test our new traction bar that's supposed to eliminate the axle-rap we used to get. Dave stopped us all at the off-camber section and asked us to walk down and give him our opinion of a rock climb he's planning for next year. (Oops…wasn't I supposed to reveal that surprise?).
When we arrived at the SSSS-curve-soupy-winch-mandatory-spot, Steve was in his glory. He was the only one who made it up. The traction bar worked great! This was the fun part of testing our new modifications. (Thanks Schultzy). Further along the trail, we found another winch mandatory soupy hill. This time, since the power cable to the front air locker came off, we didn't make it. As a matter of fact, we broke an axle. We were almost resigned to finishing up early that day, but, about this time, Doc was having fun getting completely sideways in the soup. He was getting deeper and deeper, so Hayward and I hooked up his winch cable. We (along with Dave) did our three stooges imitation over who was going to wrap the tree saver around the poison ivy tree. We chose another tree. Bad move, 'cause Doc ended up on his side. His new coil springs, plus the hub deep mud, wouldn't let him swivel. Another tree choice got him back on his wheels, and he ended up driving completely around and going back up the hill we had all just came down. He repositioned himself and came down into the soup again, only to wisely winch up to where the rest of us were waiting.

atlasWell, during all this free time, John Winkler had helped Steve change his axle. They were just finishing up when we all arrived. (Later, John told Steve he was sorry he helped him change it!) Further along the trail, we came to the steep loop that we normally go down. This time we all decided to be adventurous and go up. Dave and Hayward got a little sideways and opted to winch up. Good move, Dave. Frank and Jude made it look easy. John and Moe walked up like it was nothing. We made it almost to the top, when the engine stalled. We slid back a bit, hit the brakes, and also a stump at the driver's rear tire. At that point gravity was no longer our friend. But that's another story. I will tell you this. That Shanco cage (along with the other modifications Steve just designed) sure held up! This was NOT the fun part of testing our new modifications!

We want to thank all our great friends who helped us out. Jay and Nina's kids learned a valuable lesson about how important seat belts are. By the way, Charlie pointed out that our troll was still attached to the spare tire!

Created: 06/29/01