2001 Christmas Bash


12Thanks to the Winkler family, we held one of the last parties in their barn before it is sold. Trust me, there aren't many farms left in DuPage County.

With festive decorations, lights, and lots of heaters, the barn was transformed into a great party hall. John and Moe even managed to squeeze the ladies facilities into the back room so we didn't have to go outside. (A comment from Tim was: "The only thing colder than the beer was the men's restroom") There was a TV for Jeepin' videos, a stage for the awards presentations, a fireplace for Santa, two trees for the gift exchange, and of course, tons of great food.

3Since United's Instructor class was held the same weekend at Dave and Connie's, we invited the people from Illinois Four Wheel Drive to join us. They had just as good a time as the rest of us.

"Rusty" and John manned the food pantry table. As people placed their donations, they received a ticket for the gift exchange and door prize. Ed and Screamin' gathered all the door prizes for us. Many thanks to all those who donated: Toumbs Repair, Carson Pirie Scott, J&L 4 Wheel Drive, Neal Tire, Green Acres, Pike Motel, Badlands, Red Dome, City Boyz, ARB, Southwest Drive Shaft, DuPage Jeep Eagle, and Thomas Gray Bed & Breakfast. A special prize of a pair of Bears tickets was donated by John, and a traveling prize of the History of Jeeps book from Tom.

4Syl cooked up twenty pounds of delicious sloppy joes, and Moe had the hot dog ferris wheel cooking. Everyone brought tons of great pot luck, and there was more than enough to eat. Dave brought the TV for videos, and we watched the Boyz from Illinoiz "Dakota Challenge held in Moab" trip. Santa showed up for the kids, and they had their own gift exchange.

Durrell got us all to vote on who should win the trophies. Steve won Bloopie of the year award. Diana won the most miles traveled for wheelin'. Tim won for the most TRJC events attended. Chris Tefke, from United 4 Wheel Drive, won for the farthest distance traveled (Maryland). A special trophy should go to Tom and Debbie Wombles for being the only Pike County representatives this year. Mike won for the oldest Jeep and Mary Ann won the Good Samaritan award. Various other 2nd place ribbons were also awarded.

The adult gift exchange went smoothly, but Spanky and Sparky pulled the ever-popular fast trade trick. Debbie is still trying to figure out how she lost her gift of the bottle of Bailey's.

Thanks also to all who helped: Jeff and Lisa for clean up work, Sparky for traffic enforcement, Mike and Mary Ann for pulling the party together and a special thanks to John and Moe.

Created: 06/29/01