2000 4x4 Blast - Tall Dog
By Russ

Tall Dog on Saturday was a far contrast to Friday's carnage on Suzy's Knob. Instead of all Jeeps and only a 50% survival rate we had a nice mix of Broncos, Jeeps, and a Toyota FJ 40. Since this was my first Two Rivers "bash", I was impressed with the challenging obstacles the trails had to offer. "This couldn't be Illinois."

Tall Dog started out moderately, unlike the Knobs must-winch-first obstacle that took out two Jeeps. Tall Dog did offer ample opportunity to lift as much wheel as one would want, but what was so awesome about Tall Dog was all the off camber river bed, trail, and ravines we drove through. This off camber stuff will really educate you on the possible lean angles your vehicle can handle. The highlight of this trail is a section named Cannonball Run.

For Doug at Cannonball Motorsports, this trail is littered with painted yellow rocks for Cannonball's enjoyment. This part of the trail is where all of our breakdowns happened. A Bronco put it's fan through the radiator, Cannonball's slave cylinder wore through the clutch fork, and my buddy Dan broke two beads within ten feet. All mishaps were repaired, Everyone would finish what they started today.

Tall Dog had lots of steep and long hill climbs with one particular down hill that would make anyone glad for good brakes. Towards the end of the day it started to rain (not enough to spoil anything but still enough to reduce traction), which made some things a little more fun, including the last mud hole. We eventually had to make a new line through the pit to get everyone through. The trail ended after a short ride so we all headed back to town to clean up for the night's activities.

Thanks to Mad Dog and Jr. for guiding us through Tall Dog. And my hat comes off to all at Two Rivers Jeep Club for putting together this event. It was great fun. See you next year.

Created: 06/29/01