Montezuma's Revenge - By Steve and Mary Ann

stevThe only injury of the day was even before the first obstacle of the day. Laura sliced three of her fingers on her mirror, but after a quick combined medic effort, she hopped back in and drove the trail. O.R. and Sam took us through a mud hole and into a swarm of dancing purple martins. Then came these great up and down loops against the side of the hill. We lost count how many times the trail zigzagged. There was a good mix of hills and ravines, sand and rocks, steep windies and long hill climbs. Then we came to what someone dubbed the Mini Rubicon Waterfall. Everyone enjoyed climbing up this challenge. Half of us made it on our own, and half needed a tug or winch. We met the Lake Shore Drive group at lunch. Afterwards, they went down the waterfall as we headed out to what used to be part of the old Wild Blue Yonder Trail. This also had great hoop-de-doos, a scenic overlook, some off-camber and long hill climbs. Even our shortest CJ (Mike and Josh) made it over the trees that lay across the trail. We had a great group with us and it made for a fantastic day!

Created: 06/29/01