2000 4x4 Blast - Black Oak

By Kristi

tntMy Mom and I went on the Black Oak trail on Saturday, August 19th. We had been on that trail three times before and decided it was the trail we had the most fun on so far. Everything was going fine, and then we came to this fairly large mud hole. When it came my turn to go through it, of course I got stuck right in the middle. My Mom was out of the Jeep taking pictures, so Spanky hopped in with me. We were trying to figure a way to get out, but nothing was working. The mud was halfway up my door. I couldn't turn my wheels since my left front tire was caught in the mud-bank. My tire came off the rim. So, Rooster hooked up a tow strap on his Jeep, but when he tried pulling, it snapped in half. Since that didn't work, they brought a Jeep over with a winch and hooked me up. One winch wasn't doing it, so another Jeep with a winch came in and hooked up as well. The two of them pulled me out. I got pulled over to the side, and Spanky and Mikey changed the tire for me. The Jeep behind me also blew out his front tire at the same spot. After the tire was taken care of we were all up on the trail again. We had a blast, as always.

Created: 06/29/01